The remaining Saiyans are one of the First Fanfics by Mr.Zaya (Isaiah and Shred's adventures surpass it in chronology). It is to take place a decade after Bardock-The Father of Goku. Some are to protect planets, some are to destroy them. The main Protagonists are Dimitri The Saiyan, And Isaiah The Saiyan. They're purpose is to make sure that Frieza or another threat doesn't get to any other planet and destroy it. In this, the only planet destroyed was Planet Vegeta. They are trying to protect the planet only because they do not want to let any other planet be destroyed in the wrath of Frieza.






Isaiah The "Nigger"-Saiyan, Power level 235,780, Namek Gaurdian

Dimitri The "Nigger"-Saiyan, Power Level 982,246, Namek Guardian

Brockle The "Nigger"-Saiyan, Power Level 327,470, Earth Gaurdian

Sir Zarzar -Sayian, Power Level 1,000,000,000 Earth Guardian (cealles away)

Herbina The Saiyan (Brockle's Girlfriend)-Power level 251,974, Earth Gaurdian


Plum the Three-Tailed, Silver-eyed, Saiyan, Power Level 589,204, Unsure who to trust

Katty the Enternal Dragon, Power Level 9,039,278, has a negative energy form called "Nega Katty" and a black smoke counterpart called "Black Smoke Katty"


Nigger SaiyanEdit

A Nigger Saiyan is a racist naming for African American-blooded Saiyans. Named by King Vegeta, these were nearly executed.

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