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Heroes (Yess these are all Canon Characters)Edit

Sonic (Apallo)

Silver (Apallo)

Shadow (Apallo)

Megaman (Apallo)

Rouge (not the bat) (Apallo)

Harp Note





Luna (Apallo)









Mario (Apallo)

Luigi (Apallo)

Bad GuysEdit

Dr. Eggman

Mr. King


Tails Doll

Tails Doll Red

Tails Doll Blue






Fanon Characters (Must have a sprite sheet or Sprite Pic of them)Edit

Dan the Hedgehog (Hero/ Owned by Kakariko Fried Cucco)

Part A: The TripEdit

Sonic: Geo, I think we forgot something at that base.

Geo: You know what, I think so too.

Sonic: AAAAAAAAa! We forgot your friends!

Geo: No we didnt. Before we left i called Ace and Acid to get them

Sonic: Who?

Geo: Oh you dont know him. But he's coming over with his girlfriend Tia and her Brother, Jack.

Shadow: -sleeping-

Mario: Hey Guys, Good News! Luigi is going to move in.

Dan: Wait, that tall green guy, right?

Mario: Yes, him, haven't you ever played a Mario game eith him in it?

Dan: Yes, my first game-cube game,Luigi's Mansion, ahhhhhh, pure bliss.

Mario: And for once in that game, I knew how Peach felt!

Sonic: Wait who is that?

Amy?: You Will Die *vanashes*

Sonic: Woah Shit.

Dan: *Facepalms* Ohhhhh, is she gonna haunt us forever, if so tell her to shut up!!!!! I'm a gonna get some sleep. Silver r*ped you before and he can do it again, wait? Where is he?

Sonic: He is not here, geo told Ace and Acid to go get him.

Dan: No wonder it is so quiet. Shadow would be pwning him and Silver would say his catch phrase.

Shadow: Hey guys Have you met Solo?

Geo: Shit!

Shadow: He works at hot topic and i decided to have him move in.

Solo: Stelar? Is that you?

Sonic: Shadow? Do you know who he really is?

Geo: Solo. Go home oh that's right Luna kicked you out ever sence you uh........

Solo: Finish that sentence and Lapace and I will care for your skull.

Geo: Uh Uh.. -runs away-

With Team LunotixEdit

-Karma Camelon is playing-

Espio: Ok guys sience Luna the bitch is gone we are teh Chaotix again

Charmy: -burns Luna's house- Burn Burn I Say

???: that's what you think?

Vector: - is fpund with blood all over him-

Espio: Oh, cr*p *Really slowly*

Charmy: *quickly* Fire, fire, fire,fire,fire,fire,fire,fire,fire,fire,fire,fire,fire,fire,fire,fire,fire,fire,fire,fire,fire,fire,fire,fire!

Back with our heroes/ anti--heroesEdit

Geo: Help me.

Dan: So thats how it happened!

Sonic: I never thought a guy could be kicked out of his own that!

Mario: What has happened to the world today.

Solo: You're gonna get it Geo Stelar!

Geo: Solo, Buddy.... uh, uh....wait. I always beat you -shows battle clips of Megaman vs Rouge- hahahahahaha.

Solo: *Punches him and knocks him out* There, b*tch take that!

Geo: OwWowWowOW how...

Solo: Don't you know I was payed to lose in those games!

Geo: I knew it was too good to be true!

Solo: In real life and those games I am still the #1 Bad*ss, and there is nothing you can do about that!

Sonic: Are you sure you want him to move in Shadow?

Shadow: Definatly

-Ace and Silver Appear-
The Force is All Here

Ace: Here you go Geo! One psycokinetic hedgehog from teh future.

Silver: Yes, I made it. Shadow* Repeats it over and over again*

Shadow: Die you b*tch! Any last words?

Silver: Owowowowowowow, I did not see this coming!

Dan: Whao, whao, guys we are here on this raod trip to relax and take in the sights, so Shadow just wait until we get home too kick his future @$$ into nxt week!

Shadow: Fine, but I am keeping alist of how many times he annoys me.

Mega: Hey where's Acid?

Acid: Boo!

Mega: Woah Shit!

Sonic: Uh are you two brothers

Acid: No, i was just made to look like him.

Sonic: Oh. Well

Mario: Ok now all we need to do is get to the air port.

Sonic: I call shot gun

Shadow: Silver can have the trunk!

Silver: But I don't want to!

Shadow: Too bad, there is another mark on my list! Twice as much pain, I am going to have so much fun pwning you Silver!

Silver: Shadow. I hate you. And i will get vengence on all of......wait I have psycokinesis. heh heh heh

Geo: Ok let's -Starforce Theme Playz- Oh that's my VG Hunter.... Hello?

Sonia: Im comming to dammit and Luna and the boys also.

Sonic and the others: NoNoNoNoNo!

Geo: Shure I'll pick you guys up soon.

Sonic: Dude your a suck up

Geo: Well atleast she never stalked me

Solo: What about those times when she came up from behind you?

Geo: Shut up you homless Mu-ian prick.

Solo: Ooooooooooo! A prick. Wow. Nice one Stelar.

Geo: Yo momma is just like home depot, 5c per screw!

Dan: Dang that is a good one!

Solo: Yo momma so stupid, that she starved to death in a supermarket!

Everybody but Geo and Solo: *Calling out to every body around* OH, YO MOMMA FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Put in as many people as you want)

Dan: I'll be counting the score first to three! Geo first!

Geo: Yo mama's is so ugly that she entered in the ugly contest they said, "no professionals"!

Crowd: *Laughter*

Solo: Yo mama so fat her clothes come in three different sizes; large, extra large, and oh my god its coming!

Crowd: *Laughter*

Dan: That is one all!

Geo: Yo mama's so stupid, she put a ruler next to her bed to see how long she sleeps!

Solo: Yo Mama's so stupid that her son is dumb enough to forget that my mom is long gone.

Mario: Uh, can we go now. I cant leave Luigi alone in an airport

Geo: Alright. Fine. But Im not Sitting with Solo.

Solo: that's what you mom said.

Silver: Weeeeeeeeee!

Shadow: Silver you have to get you stuff. Were leaving you behind.

Silver: Shadow, don't you remember? I have psycokinesis! *Uses psycokinesis to fetch his lugage!*


Geo: Ok Let's Go!

In the Air PortEdit

Sonia: Mario!

Mario: 0.0 mama mia!

Dan: Uh, WTF!!!!!!!

  • After Every one has passed trhough the security gates. Mario and Sonic pop up*

Dan: Man, did you see that guy, why did he conceal that *insert illegal drug here* in his brefcase? Wait, where are we going again?

Mario: Ok thank you kind ma'am

Sonic: yea thanks

Dan: Arn't you listening to me!!!!! That guy had friggin *insert drug here* man, Espio probaly sold it too him for $1.


Everybody: ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!! She's back from the dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Run for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*They all bolt for it and get on the plane leaving Luna behind!*

Sonia: Dammit! Luna!

Luna: Oh it's pinky. Poor Girl.

Sonia: Shud up, B*tch!

Luna: No you shut up!

Zack: Wind Wind Blow! Muahahahahaha!

Bud: -looks at food- Burger King

???: Ladies.

Sonia: No No It's......

-screen goes black-

  • On the plane*

Dan: I thought Luna was dead?

Geo: D*mn, I knew it was too good to be true!

Sonic: We don't know how powerful she has become since she got out of h*ll!

Solo: She probally annoied Satan.

Ace: Guys Who is that fox

Dan: What fox? *Looks outside the plane and sees a yellow fox flying his own plane* Ohhhh, thats Miles 'Tails' Prowler. He is Sonic Friend! Why didn't we go in his plane, it s faster and its for free!

Sonic: Tails is flyiing for pay now

Dan: Wait, how much?

Sonic: About, 200 rings per flight!

Dan: Yikes, no wonder this plane is cheaper, they are trying to under sell him!

Shadow: Silver..... stop doing that

  • Seeing Silver flip Tails out of gis plane and have the plane catch him again!*

Silver: Why Shadow?

Shadow: 10 ticks on my list!

Silver: Why?

Shadow: 20 ticks!


Shadow: Much better!

Ace: Acid. Where is Luigi?

Acid: He is tied up in the overhead compartment as he is afraid of flying!

Pilot: Passengers, we will now be experiencing some major turbulence, so please don't ride in the overhead compartment as there are sharp knives there. Please enjoy your flight!

  • everybody ignores the messege*

Luigi: *Faintly speaking* Help me Mario! Mario! Mario? *gets stabbed and cut repeatedly by the knives that are in the overhead conpartment!**cutting and slashing sounds*

Geo: I wonder where Sonia is

Sonic: Aww, don't worry about her!

Dan: Yeah, don't worry about her!

-With Sonia and Luna and >???-

???: Finally My Second Revenge

Sonia and Luna: *In a zombie like voice* Yes, master!

???: Master What?

Sonia & Luna: Yes, master Amy Rose!

Amy: Now we will wait at the vaciation spot.

-dude i need pics about this stuff-

((Hawii pics?))

=Yea i guess-
Chinamans Hat, Oahu, Hawaii


-and hawiian hotel pics and stuff-

Sonic: Ok where here so what do you guys wan to do?

Dan: Well, I'm gonna surf! Anybody wanna come?

Geo, and Ace: Yeah!

Mario: I can't help but feel like I am forgeting some thing!

  • Luigi walks through the door, with knives sticking out of him and cuts every where*

Luigi: You guys are idiots, you leave me to die!

Mario: Wana come surfing?

Luigi: Yes, of course!

Sonic: *trys to sneak away*

Geo: *Grabs him* Oh no you don't!

Sonic: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on the Beach

Dan: Come on Sonic! It's the friggin babies pool, its only 1 foot deep, it ain't gonna kill you, besides Silver is going to look after you!

Silver: Yay! Does that mean I am incharge of Sonic?

Mario: Yes! Now lets go surfing!

Sonic: Uh...Uh........

-with the Emos-

Shadow: So Solo how much id Capcom pay you to lose?

Solo: Lets see, with me almost never losing, Geo being a wuss and a idiot, Geo being the weakest person on the planet, that brings it up to $10000000000, per version of the game, lets see, um 3+2 equals $50000000000, American. So yeah, that was well worth it!

Shadow: Yeah, that was worth it!

Back at the beach

Dan: Ok, then whos gonna go first?

Ace: I will! *Does some surfing then fails epicly*!

Dan: Next?

Mario: I will with Luigi on meh shoulders!

Luigi: Mama mia!

  • They surf epicly*

Geo: Me next!

  • Surfs almost as good as Mario/Luigi

Dan: My go!

  • Surfs awesomely and even surfs upside down on a very big wave.*

Everybody but Dan: How did you do that? 'O'

Dan: Simple, water control. But only for that trick, the rest was me by myself.

Mario: *thoughts* Lucky Bum

Ace: Anyway, what next?

Sonic: -hiding in the bathroom- Water is bad

Amy: *Busts the door open* Hello, Sonic! *evil look on her face*

Sonic: Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sonia and Luna: Lesbians ?Edit

Geo: Did you hear something?-

-Mario is abducted by Dark Sonia

Ace: No, why?-

Solo is abducted by Dark Luna-

Geo: Cause I swear I heard somebody scream!-

-Dan is abducted-

Luigi: Man, this is scary! Random voices are weird *Ace is abducted* Right Geo?

-Geo is abducted by both-

Luigi:Oh no! Mario! Mario?

Geo: *Muffled shouts*

Luigi: I'm coming Geo!

- in the girls lair (i.e the penthouse)

Amy: Yes! Now that we have them all, we can use them as s*x slaves! I will take the Hedgehogs you two can take Solo, Geo and Ace!

Luna and Sonia: Yes master!

Everybody: Nooooooooooooooooooo!

Dan: Noooo! I have a girlfriend! Noooooooooooooo!

Geo: Uh Girls uh uh nononononono!

Solo: God no. I can't Screw around with Luna anymore. Forget being a tough ass i want my sanity!

-Karma Camelion Plays-

Dan: Nooooooooooooooo! I don't want to be an Espio! Nooooooooooooooo!

Sonic: Nooooooooooo! Let me outta here! Noooooooooooooo

  • Shadow lands through the celing*

Shadow: Play time is over! *Kicks the radio with the karma Chamlean cd*

  • writing across the screen* Fact: Shadow is a bad-*ss!

Shadow: You know it!

-then a pic of Shadow in the shower is posted-

Luna: Now me and my gf will totchure you with the Karm Chamelon Song

Geo: Wait, Gf, girlfriend? Noooooooooooo!

Dan: WTF!!!!!!!!

Shadow: In 10 seconds your entire stash of Karma Chameleon songs will be blown up. 3,2,1!

  • WTF boom sound plays with explosion background.

Amy: Nooooooooooooooo! My plan for Sonic to be my slave has failed but I will still have him!

  • They are already free!*

Amy: Noooooooooooooooooooo! Ok Let's Go Shadow

Shadow: Bring it bitch.

Omochao: 4 seconds later

Shadow: I cant believe i was tricked.

Amy: And now all of you hedgehogs will... wait where's Silver?'

Sonic: Look on the roof.

Silver: Hey bitches it's Silver Time,-his theme starts to play- *Falls on Amy and the screen goes black*

Amy: Nooooooo, not again!

-insert girl screaming-

-15 minets later-

Sonic: Well it's just the 7 of us now.

Shadow: I wonder, Silver are you a rapist now?

Silver: No, I just want somma that Amy ass!

Dan: Not again! CHAOS CONTROL! *Puking sounds and flushes then Chaos Controls back* That is it. you made me puke again. You are going to die!!

Silver: Aww, crap!

  • Loads of punching, kicking, slices, auras, beam charaging and beam firing are heard*

Silver: Owowowo, how did I not that coming!

End!! (Keep going if you want to) -the GAME OVER YEAAAA thing is heard-

As the credits scroll by we see the human girls in the hotel wondering if they should go back to eachoter.

Sonia: Luna. Im sorry for being a bitch all the time

Luna: Same here at least i still have Aaaaaaaaaa!

Espio Charmy and Vector coem up

Espio: Ok Blondie, it's Chaotix Time.

-screen goes black-

Luna: Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sonia: Got'ya bitch!

Luna: I'll get you!!!!!!!!!!

Espio: Thank you for freeing us from here. so from now on we won't play the Karam Chameleon song around you!

Sonia: It's okay! *Now I have Geo to my Self!*

Vouge: Can i join in Espio

Espio: Yes. You may.

Luna: You traitor

Sonia: By bye bye

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