Sonic Combat

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Sonic Team,BlurayOriginals

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Sonic the Hedgehog


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Release Date(s)

TBA 2012


Story Mode, Mission Mode, Multiplayer,Onlie, Battle Mode, Race Mode


Fighting, Platforming *Race And Misson Only*




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Sonic Combat Template 2


PlayStation 3, Xbox 360


Blu-Ray Disc


DualShock 3,

Template:Construction2Sonic Combat is a fan-game page made by BlurayOriginals.The Battles work like a mix off Battle,The Fighters and some of Tthe DBZ Games.



The models of the characters are in a Sonic Generations. Size type. You can run around different battle fields race on certain ones. Unlike most fighter games, Instead of a health bar as the main health, Rings Are used and can be fould around the arena and race stages. Arena floors and many of the floors can be destroyed and certain characters can fly and use arial attacks. You can have items added an extra lives after you lose all your rings. At any moment where any of the 2-4 players attack each other at the same time, (Known As a Combat Conflict) a system was made as you press any button you can hope it beats the other players attacks. Triangle beats Circle, Circle beats square, and square beats Triangle. X Can be used to dodge atatcks but depending on your characters Level & stats you may dodge or not. Levels take a roll on this game, similar to RPG and Pokémon. You level up by gaining EXP, and gain EXP BY racing, battling completeing mission and other things. However, by leveling up only Sonic doesn't affect another Character (I.E If you play as Sonic, and level him up to 67 but never play as Amy she'll stay at her last level I.E 27). You may also customize you own character and the customizer takes hits From Sonic Character Maker, Furry Doll Creator, Cherrie Maker & DBZ Ultimate Tenkaichi. They can even have other Characters moves. In Story Mode a hub world is featured of The Arena.

Controls Edit

Controls are customizable but these are there default.

PlayStation 3
Controls Function
X X (Jump) X+X (Double Jump) X+X+X (Jump Attack/Fly) X+Square (Aerial Attack

Square (Standard Attack) Square+Square (Combo Attack 2)

Square+Square+Square (Full Standard Combo)


Triangle (Special Attack) Triangle Held (More Powered Special 4 Attacks Per Character)

O O (May Be In Combo Some Times) O (Spin Dash) O (If Spin Dash Isn't used by Character Then ANother Attack)
Left Analog Stick Move
Right Analog Stick Camera
Select Move Set
L1 Stats Brought Up
L2 Target's Certain Opponent
R1 R1 (Blocks Attack) R1 (After Blocking Or Right Before A Hit Can Counter it with any attack)
R2 R2 (Super/Chaos Attack)

D-Pad (Can Be Used For Combat Conflicts) (Move)


A few days after the events of Sonic Colors The Emeralds are lost and Eggman Nega has already got them.He orders a tournement to decide who wins and he himself will be joining as well. Eggman later crashes from space creating a perfect battle arena for our characters. Many will join but only one can win this epic battle of huge proportions! All contestents will duke it Egg Arena or anywhere else if the arena is destroyed or left. Prepare yourself for Sonic Combat!


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  1. Sonic The Hedgehog (Modern,Classic,With Caliburn,Werehog,Classic Super,Dark,Darkspine,Hyper,Excalibur)
  2. Miles"Tails"Prower (Classic,Modern,Super,Shield)
  3. Metal Sonic (Classic,Modern,Kai,Neo,Madness,Overlord)
  4. Knuckles The Echidna (Classic,Modern,Shield,Super,Hyper)
  5. Silver The Hedgehog (Super)
  6. Shadow The Hedgehog (Super)
  7. Apallo The Hedgehog (Super, Hyper, Mobigod)
  8. Lunas The Hedgehog ( Super, Hyper, Mobigod)
  9. Apalas (Super, Hyper)
  10. Shadic (Normal, Super, Hyper, Perfect)
  11. Adrenaline The Hedgehuman (Normal, Super, Dark, Fused With Isaiah; Isrenah)
  12. Jared (Normal, metal, sniper, etc.)
  13. Isaiah The Red Wolf (Normal, Super, Dark,Full Power)



Battle Stages Edit


  1. Egg Arena
  2. Chemical Plant
  3. Sky Sanucary
  4. Radical Highway
  5. Labyrinth
  6. Emerald Coast
  7. Seaside Hill
  8. Bad Future Stardust Speedway
  9. Emerald Hill
  10. Hill Top
  11. Mystic Cave
  12. Angel Island
  13. Hydrocity
  14. Icecap
  15. Lava Reef
  16. Mushroom Hill
  17. Grand Metropolis
  18. Mad Matrix
  19. Crisis City
  20. Eggman Land
  21. Planet Wisp
  22. Splash Hill


  1. Green Hill
  2. Death Egg
  3. Destroyed Egg Arena
  4. Earth Destroyed Egg Arena
  5. Good Future STAR Dust SpeedWay
  6. Oil Ocean
  7. Wing Fortress
  8. Sonic 2 Tunnel
  9. Hidden Palace
  10. Angel Island: Chaos Destroyed
  11. Sky Chase
  12. Ciry Escape
  13. Frog Forest
  14. Prison Island
  15. End Of The World
  16. Dooms Day
  17. Metal Overlord (Phase One)
  18. Metal Overlord (Phase 2) - Flying Characters Only.
  19. Blue Sphere
  20. Spagonia
  21. Teminal Velocity
  22. Center Of Time