This is part 2 of the Epic Premire Episode/Movie Nazo The Second Comming


  1. You may use one of the characters in the pic and your fan Character too but Sonic, Apallo, and Shadow are mine.
  2. If your character is good then put good beside your user name if he is bad (nazo's side) then put bad.
  3. Cursing, sexual lanuange (to a certin point), harsh jokes and, killing is allowed
  4. Sonic OVA refferences are allowed but the fact that Sara knows metal and he knows her is explained as this. IT HAS BEEN YEARS SIENCE THEN SO THEY KNOW EACHOTHER!
  6. No making your character (Villians expectally) Un-beatable by giving him powers that you will abuse, for example: asorbsion, contiuous power growth, ect and no stealing from villians
  7. No messing with Shadow Amy her fate will be desecided by me and no turning her good.


  1. Apallo The Hedgehog(Apallo The Hedgehog) Good
  2. Neos The Hedgehog (apallo the hedgehog)???
  3. Timmy the Dog(Sonicyay2)Good
  4. Hazeo The Hedgehog ( Apallo The Hedgehog)bad
  5. Sonic The Hedgehog (Apallo The Hedgehog) good
  6. Silver The Hedgehog(Bluray) good
  7. Shadow The Hedgehog (Apallo The Hedgehog) good
  8. Blaze The Cat (Spongebob100) good
  9. Princess Elise The Third (insert name here) good
  10. Sara (For any one who hasent seen the sonic ova Sara is the President's Daughter and was kidnapped by Dr. Eggman/Robotnik and is a Cat-Human too...) (place name here)good
  11. Metal Sonic (Bluray)bad
  12. Eggman(insert name here) good
  13. Nazo(bLURAY) bad
  14. Mephelis The Dark (Apallo the hedgehog-but still open to all) bad
  15. Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100) GOOD
  16. Patricia the Skunk (Spongebob100) GOOD
  17. Shadic (Bluray)
  18. Shadveric (Sonic, Shadow, and Silver fused) (name here)
  19. Shadow Amy (Apallo The Hedgehog-but it's still open to all) and evil verson of Amy Rose when she saw Sonic adn Blaze dating after thier fight. Amy vowed to get vengence on him and used the emeralds. but bakfired and she was sent to chaos hell where she meets nazo.
  20. Nanoq the Hedgehog (TheRatKing)
  21. Maji the Chao (TheRatKing)
  22. Flower "Karina" Prower (KayumitheWallaby4) Good/Nutreal
  23. Halo the Chaos Future Hero Chao (KayumitheWallaby4) Good
  24. Kimiko the White Wolf (KayumitheWallaby4) Nutreal
  25. Chester the Crocodile (Spongebob100) Nutreal
  26. Jewel the Bat (Scroundernuts)Good
  27. Brittney the Cat/Wolf/Dog/Fox (KayumitheWallaby4) Good/Nutreal
  28. Kayumi the Yellow-Footed Rock Walaby (KayumitheWallaby4) Good
  29. Joey the Hedgehog (KayumitheWallaby4) Nutreal (dosen't really care about which side he's on)
  30. Ioh the Porchupine Demon (Pemuler the Pemuler)
  31. BlackSkull the Hedgehog (Spongebob100) Bad
  32. Metal Luke (Bunnie) Bad Listens to nobody
  33. Katie Rose (Bunnie) Bad
  34. Frillahk (Villian/Dark Queen, DARKEST)
  35. Darkstorm the Halfbreed (Hero/Villan depends if you remove his crucifix, DARKEST)
  36. Skiddo the Hunter (Frozen Scorpio) Nuetral
  37. Jared The Unknown (Frozen Scorpio) Good
  38. Ignite The Hedgehog(KajinKnight26) Good
  39. Jacktricia (Jack & Patricia fused) (Spongebob100)
  40. Sawnitt the hedgehog (Sawn) (robana22) Good
  41. Isrenah The Fusion (ITH,GOOD)
  42. Sarah the hedgehog (Villian)
  43. X the Hedgehog.(Unknown)
  44. Brent The Echidna (ITH)

Part 1: Never Steal....... EnergyEdit

Frilahk:(Hiss sleeping)

Shadveric: Blackskull you abusing you ability. If you keep asorbing energy, you wont like what will happen to you even you have your limits

BlackSkull: AHHH SHAD UP! (Fires a Black Blast on Shadveric)

Jacktricia: BlackSkull ! Stop your gonna destroy yourself

Frilahk:(Wakes up)

Hazeo: Let's get outta here Nazo.

Shadveric: You might be Be Stronger than me but With the combind speed of Sonic, Shadow, And somehow in a weird way Silver, im faster than you

Frilahk: (Following Hazeo)

Nazo: I already know that Black Skull is going to kill himself

Apallo: I found you Nazo!

BlackSkull: The Power feeds off of me. I don't need them anyway since I already Exsorb it already. I am now Immortal thanks to Nazo's Powers

Jacktricia: Now what? BlackSkull is powerful & your Energy is not enough to make BlackSkull summit himself

(Seariously you made him TOO Powerful if you dont change that i will have to do something my self)

Shadveric: Humph, remember like i said only those who know thier limits can hold true power and he thinks he has none for you see if Nazo Died and he was Inmortal then you can still die and we'll be on our way

BlackSkull: (notices Shadveric's Aura coming out of his Body) Oh Barnicles! (Explodes into 206 Bones & the Bones regenerate back to his normal self) Ow, my head

Jacktricia: Well what do you know, he can't take it any longer

BlackSkull: Oh Drat ! My powers are gone & still the Good Amy is been revived because of me

Shadveric: YOU FOOL SHE IS STILL THE SAME WAY SHE WAS SHE MUST PERISH! If She is Alowed to live in her normal form she can become the same Shadow Amy Again and She has to Asorb You and Chester to stay that way You FOOL!

Frilahk:(Attacks Nazo)

BlackSkull: I've erased Amy's Memerory so she can't remember the whole thing that happened to her

Jacktricia: Like having Amnesia?

BlackSkull: As good as gone

Apallo: I found Nazo but he got away

Jacktricia: Where'd he go to now?

Frilahk:(Still trying to keep up with Nazo)

Jactricia: Shadveric, is it time to defuse now, I think we're in Fusion long enough

Frilahk:(Hiss Laughs)

Apallo: I dont know now he flew off when i blasted at him

Shadveric: I cant this form is all we need to defeat Any, and Nazo

Jacktricia: But BlackSkull has erased Amy's mind about being Evil & he put her back into her house where she'll be safe & sound. So that means we should attack Nazo then

Shadveric: She is still a danger because of her shadow! It can take over her instantly

Jacktricia: Then we must save her from her own shadow

????: I can help with that.

  • (Nooooooooo! Dont because I want Shadow Amy to be in the series)
  • (Spongebob100: Why?)
  • (APH: Because that is where she will either return to normal or goes to Chaos Heven)
  • (Frozen Scorpio: So what.)
  • (ApalloThe Hedgehog: Spongebob100 is an Amy fan so he doesent want her to die eventhough I MADE HER EVIL!)
  • (Lets just shoot Amy have Tails make out with her bring her back and call it a day.)
  • (Spongebob100: Good Idea)
  • (Only in the Series after this not now)
  • (Spongebob100: Got it & now, back to our program)
  • (We need BlueRay cauze he's nazo)
  • (Here son!)
  • U ready blueray


Nazo:I'am back!

Shadveric: Hello Nazy

Nazo:Its is time Amy you've been a good fighter. *Steals power*As you Blackskull*

And finally fuse with me Hazeo!


????: Who is that?


????: How did you do that?


????: NO!

Amy and Hazeo: Aaaaaaaarrraaahhh

Hazey: I am reborn

????: So... nobody's wondering who I am?


Jacktricia: Shadveric we gotta stop Nazo & Hazeo together

????: Hmm...

Nazo:Shut up no one cares!

Shadervic: I wont be so shure

????: You don't have to be a jerk about it. (teleports)

Nazo:h well what an idiot Ready Hazeo!

Hazeo: Alright Nazo im ready to *stab* AAAAA What this..... *looks down to see she has been stabed* no no NOOOOOO!!! *turns into smoke an dfades waay

Shadveric: Nice timing apallo.


Del Nazo transformatioN!


Jacktricia: And you'll pay witness to the power of Good!

Nazo:Yeah right Its time to lay a beating.

Shadow Amy: ........ Haaaaa( hisses) Nazo i will be your lover......

Mephiles: Nazo, i will feed you my power

Jacktricia: Shadveric, we gotta stop all of the villains together at the same time


Far away.......

Chester: (Playing his Bango)

(Blasts destroys his property >:) )

Chester: OH COME ON !

????: (flying above them) Why does nobody like me?


????: My name is Jared. (I'm getting angry because of that person)

Nazo:Then WHY DO YOU ONLY HAVE FOUR letters on your question marks didn't you learn how to count!

Jared: Shut up, "Mr. CAPITAL LETTERS man!"

Nazo:*Shoots death beam and erases Jared right arm*

Jared: Eep! (teleports)


(They arent going to fuse you can blame Spongebob100 fot that)

Shadveric: Chaos Split!

Shadveric: How do you like this move that i made up

Jacktricia: Now what? We gotta stop Nazo (Spongebob100: I'm sorry)

Frilahk:(Power jumps to Nazo)

Isrenah: *appears* Nazo... You again. You never give up, do you

Shadveric: Shadveric Clones... ATTACK!

Jacktricia: Time for a little Power Rock!

(Only Shadveric And Nazo Must Fight Now)

Shadveric: Stand back Jacktrica this is my fight

Jacktricia: Ok then good luck (defuses)

Jack: And be careful

Patricia: Do your best

Shadveric Clone 1: Chaos Psychoshock! *beams of electricity launchout at Nazo*

Shadveric Clone 2: Chaos Wind! *yellow energy slashes launch out to Nazo*

Shadveric: Hyper Chaos Cannon! * A big Energy Beam goes towards Nazo*

Jack: Watch out for Nazo

Apallo: We can go back to the lab and help eggman find his Chaos Disrupter

Jack: Count me in

Patricia: Me too, we'll help you find Eggman's Chaos Disrupter...

Jack: As a team

Apallo: Alright hold on *uses instant transmittion*

Jack & Patricia: Ok

At The Ruins of Eggman's Lab

Apallo: Do Doc have yopu finished yet?

Jack: (Thought: I hope Sonic, Shadow & Silver can stop Nazo)

Patricia: Oh dear, we don't have much time

Eggman: Well it's not fully ready yet but it can work on a fixed target so get Nazo over here and we will see if this will work

Back With Nazo and Shadveric


Shadveric: No...... Like before you are weaker

Chester: (watching the fight while eating Popcorn)

BlackSkull: (To Nazo) Look like it's time to do a Fusion of our own

Nazo:*Aborbs and fuses*Done with Amy,Hazeo and evrey villain I shall crush you!*Takes Chesters popcorn and eats it all*I ATE UR REMAING PROPERTEE!

Chester: STOP TAKING MY PROPERTY! (Charges at Nazo)

Nazo:Ah ah ah one more step and I eat ther last one!

Chester: (Growls) (Thought: Either I take that one step, my property is gone, but how am I gonna stop Nazo) Hmmmmm? (Gets an idea)

Nazo:*Drops last one on the floor here its yours!

Chester: (grabs the popcorn from him) There, that should do it

Nazo:*Steal energy*Idiot!NOW FACE SHADERVIC

Chester: (does nothing) What should I do again?

Nazo:Just fuse so you get your revenge on Jack for BEING ON UR PROPERTY AND DESTROYING!

Shadveric: Bring it.

Chester: Fuse with who?

Apallo: Chester you are old go away


Chester: You gotta help me stop Nazo from destroying not only the city, also my Property!

X:in a tree

Part 2: Chester Moves to The Mushroom Kingdom (kinda)Edit

Chester: (being teleported) Wha? Where am I? Hello? Where are ya guys? Guys? Oh well (holds his Bango) at least I still got you Joe

Mario: It's a me Mario!

Chester: Aww shoot.

Back to the action

(ill be nazo when Blu ray isnt on)

Nazo: Mephiles now!

(Spongemob you are now mephiles and metal)

Mephiles: And now...(Got hit by a Magic Blast) Ow! (crashes into Nazo) Who did that?!

Metal Sonic: Mephiles & Nazo, look!

(The Blast comes from Patricia the Skunk)

Patricia: I'm back!

Jack: And so is me. But we're not alone

Metal Sonic: What do you mean?

Shadveric: Defusion

Patricia: We got here as fast as we could

Sonic: Hit it Eggman!



Silver:Hit him


Jared: NOT SO FAST!!! (Rams into Nazo)

nAZO:*Disapears before he can hit*

Jared: (Crashes into Silver) I kind of meant to do that.

Silver:*Side steps and says nothing*

(No he hit silver silver just stepped away after)

(Frozen scorp.: Oh....)

Jared: Why so silent all of a sudden.

Silver:Now you may yell Hax! (Chaos Disrupter slames Jared to the mountain) >:)

Jared: HAAAAAC! (crashes into moutain, causing an avalanche)


Sonic: GEt down the didrupor is going haywire

Part 3: The Final Fight.Edit

Silver:*Stops Avalanche*

Shadow: Silver lookout !

Jared: (runs into silver, lighting them both on fire)


(Counters by dropping snow n evreyone)

Jared: Thanks. (freezes Silver)

Shadow: MY SONNN!

Jared: HE'S YOUR SON??? Who's his mother?

Evreyone is frozen for a minuite


Jared: Again.... Who's his mother if Shadow's his father

Black Arms Shadow: I Will Eat your flesh for what you did to my son

Jared: EEP! (Unfreezes Silver)

Silver:(Lost his ability to talk)

Shadow: You you dont want to die you will be my slave

Jared: NOO! I've already been a slave before.... and I still have nightmares about that awful year. (shudders)


Shadow: You will be our Pizza Hut Slave


Jared: Maybe. But first, if Silver's your son, then who's your wife?

Shadow: Rouge the Slu i mean the most wonder wife ever

Jared: (Starts laughing) That officially nails it. I'M NOT BEING YOUR SLAVE!! (Runs off)

Shadow: I will find you Jared and if you refuse then i wll send a pack of your worst night mire afer you

Jared: Can you guess what it is though?

Shadow: Oh i can guess and stalk you everyday

Jack: Whao

Patricia: I wonder what happen to Chester?

Jack: He'll turn up eventually


At the Mushroom Kingdom

Mario: Luigi Look, *grabs note* it's from chester. dear peasky plumers i have taken over the mushroom kingdom and i am marrin your princess i dare you to find us if ya can. WE GOTTA SAVE THE PRINCESS

Luigi: And U Gotta help us

Mario: If you need help for how to get to Chester throught the 7 stages check out the enclosed instrunction book

(At Chester's Newly Built House)

Chester: I don't have anyone to take care of me, but I still have you. YEEEEEE HAW!

Jared: (knocks on door)

Chester: Who Dare Get On mi Property. (Opens the door) What do you want?

Jared: I'm here to ask a few questons.

Chester: WHAT PUNCK! You got just 5 minutes to anwser me or else get off of my Property, can't you see I'm with a Beautiful Pink Lady here

Jared: Have you seen a beautiful pink-haired princess walk by? And also, you'll have to give Peach back.

Chester: I'm not telling you. By the way, who is the Pink-Haired Princess?

Jack & Patricia: (Appears) Hello Chester

Chester: Oh it's you two again, where's that Shadow Amy

Jack: She's been turned back to her Normal Good Self & she's with Tails now

Patricia: What did you do this time?

Chester: Nothing speical, just captured a Pink Princess & a Pink Haired Princess

Amy Doll: Chester im a fake im still evil i will self destruct. (SPONGE BOB SHE WILL BE GOOD AT THE END OF THE SERIES! NOT THE MOVIE)

Chester: What the? I though you we're Amy &...(Notices Amy's A Doll) Oh Fudge

Jack & Patricia: (Carries Peach) Let's get outta here (Escapes Chester's House)

Chester: (Escapes his House)


Chester: (notices his house is destroyed again) OH COME ON !


Jared: It seems nobody knows where Blaze is. Bummer.


Jared: (teleports)


A dark ring is left where Jared dissapeared.

Blaze: What's going on? What did I miss?

Jack: Uh, let's talk about it later. I got a sidespliting Headace

Patricia: Don't worry, let's go home

(Patricia takes Jack back home)

Blaze: (Sighs)

Jared: (reapears further away, then stares into the night sky)

Blaze: I think I betta head home (goes back home)

Jared: (starts watching Blaze, as if he was recording her) That's where she's been.


Jared: (Smirks) Finally....

Blaze: (Sighs) I have enough actions for 1 day, I betta get going home & do some Exercizes (Heads back home)

Silver:*Still mad*>:(

(With Jack & Patricia)

Jack & Patricia: (Goes inside Jack's House)

Patricia: Here we are, Home Sweet Home

Jack: Yep I'm getting very lonely here

Patricia: Don't worry, I'll keep you company

Jack; Thanks Patricia

Patricia: Your welcome

Silver:*Couyghs up Ice shard*Guys

Jack: Silver, what happen to you?


Jared: (far away) (sneezes) Alright, who's talking about me?

Silver:Well anyway Nazo escaped after Jared lost his chaos powers and broke the mountain.

Jared: (Outside, hiding) What are chaos powers?

Jack: Nazo has escaped again

Patricia: We gotta stop him

??????: That's not going to happen.

Jack: Who's there?

??????: (throws blue fireball) I'm here.

Patricia: Who are you?

??????: (throws more blue fireballs) Skiddo.

Jack & Patricia: (Dodges) Look Out Silver!

Skiddo: (laughs, then throws green fireballs)

Jack & Patricia: (Dodges)

Patricia: This guy plays rough does he?

Jack: I'm afraid so

Skiddo: (continues throwing green fireballs) You can't dodge forever. Try to hit me.

Silver:*Pushes on ground*

Skiddo: (jumps in the air, then starts floating) You failed! (throws purple fireballs)

Patricia: (Uses her Magic to reflect the Fireballs back at Skiddo & the Fireballs hit Skiddo) Take that you Big Bully!

The fire goes rght throguh Skiddo.

Skiddo: (laughs)

Jack: What the? What happen?

Skiddo: (throws more purple fire)

Jack & Patricia: (Dodges)

Jack: Is he a Ghost or something?

Patricia: I don't know, but let's stop him with the power of the...(pulls out a Vaccum Cleaner) Vaccum Cleaner?

Jack: Eh, that'll do

Skiddo: (inhales vacuum cleaner, then throws white fire balls)

Jack & Patricia: (Dodges)

Patricia: (Turns on the Vaccum Cleaner & the Vaccum Cleaner sucks Skiddo into the Vaccum Cleaner) Phew, glad there's an On Switch on the Vaccum Cleaner

Skiddo: (devours vacuum from the inside)

Jack: Oh that can't be good

Isaiah: UGH. I feel so nauseous... *vomits*

Patricia: Isaiah, are you ok?

Silver:Ignore him we have to find NAZO!

(ITH: Hockell, you can't use other people's characters. They're for its owner only.)


Jack: Hello, who are you?

Patricia: And what are you doing here?

Silver:i think its obviuos who this is.

Skiddo: (finishes eating vacuum, then starts eating the other electronic devices around)

Silver:Lets go and ignore him he is destracted away from the main goal.

Skiddo: (stops, then fires black fire at Silver) DIE!!

Isaiah: DUDE! *passes in front of Silver and the fire hits him, leaving no damage due to water powers*

Skiddo: (hisses, then tries eating Isaiah)

Silver:What ever you know your nothing less then a simple minded stupid obstacle!STAY OUTTA OUR WAY!

Skiddo: NO! (Tries inhaling Silver)

Isaiah: Oh god! *does signature move on Skiddo*

Silver:*Fuses with friends*

Shadic:FIRE MY LAZER! *Defeats Skiddo*

Skiddo: (skin melts off, revealing he was an android) YOU WILL PAY!!

Shadic:AND SO WILL JO MOMA OHHHHHHHHHHH!Silvver that was uncalled for!

Isaiah: Wow. *fuses with Shred and Adrenaline*

Adrenaliredah: :/

Silver:Well hes gone lets go find Nazo!

Adrenairedah: I'm sick of that punk... The last time we beat him he became my "personal toy".

Silver:Oo Isaiah make him explode from the inside out!

Adrenlariedah: Really?

Silver:Yeah I'll throw him in the snow then you can make him explode!

Shresaiah: Okay.


Shresaiah: *opens up hand wide and Nazo goes into the sky*

Jack: Whao

Patricia: That's cool

BlackSkull & Chester: (Watches the Action)

Skiddo: (head splits in half, revealing a time bomb that was down to 2.5 minutes) Destroy.....must destroy! (sets everything on fire at temperatures of over 3,000f.)

Silver:*Lifts Skiddo and Bomb up to space and the sun where they die*Ok there done!

True Nazo:Bring it!

Jared; (outside) (watches as Skiddo explodes in space, then walks away)


Jack: Bring it on

Patricia: We'll take you on

Shadic: Wait.......*a shock goes through his body and defuses*

Sonic: What the Hell!?

Shadow: Sonic what happened

True Nazo: Remember that chaos disrupter? I now have th eability to cancel all Chaos Abilities. Even Your Chaos Fusion.

Sonic: Dammit.

Apallo: Sonic....

Blaze: Sonic...

Silver:(Pizza Yummmm)

True Nazo: You will Pay for What You Did to my Hazeo..... MEPHILES IT'S TIME

Mephiles: Hedgehogs You have defeated us with teamwork now let's see who will win if we use team work *turns into liquid and Nazo asorbs him*

Nazo: Haaaaaaaaaaa*mixed with Mephiles's voice*

Mephzo: We may not be able to de fuse but *notices metal sonic and asorbs him* We have mor power than you Triple Fusion You All Are Are Doomed!

Metal Mephzo:Them fusing with Mephiles' brother Iblies we create...

Silver:Oh no...


Shadow: Oh Hell Naw!


Jack: What's going on here?

Patricia: We'll know about it later

Sonic: Blaze Give Me The Sol Emeralds

Blaze: Here

Apallo: Sonic Transforming into Super Sonic 4 wont do anything

Sonic: I Know.... But With Your Quantam Emerald...

Apallo: I Under stand here

Sonic:*floats up with the emeralds withthem transforming into thier super forms* You May Havet thier Power But Your Still Nazo!

Jack: (To Nazo)We're taking you down as a team

Patricia: So let's do this !

Sonic: *Goku's searious voice* No! This Is My Fight. * immages of Tails and Knuckles scroll by and memories of thier adventures to get her and thier jumping poses in Sonic Heroes in a picture frame*You Killed Knuckles.... *Sonic's Fur Turns White for a split second* And My Best Friend T-tails *shows Sonic and Tails at the end of Sonic 2* He Was Like A Brother To Me. AND YOU KILLED HIM!

M. Solzaro: Awww To bad But I'll Tell You What I did to him...... First I Lifted Him Up *uses Tails Doll as example*

Tails Doll: N-no HELP ME!

M. Solzaro: Then I CHOKED HIM LIKE THIS *Slams both hands onto Tails Doll's Neck*

Tails Doll: Ackkkkk *gasp gasp gags* h-h-hel...

M. Solzaro: Then io threw his breathless body into the air and blasted his body to Oblivion! *shoots energy blast*

Tails Doll: Help Me AAAAAAH.....(blows up)

M.Solzaro: Pop Goes The Tails.


Patricia: (Knocks M. Solzaro out cold with Jack's Piko Hammer) All you have to do is just ask (traps M. Solazaro in a Cage & throws him super far away) There we go

Jack: Why didn't we think of that before?

Patricia: I don't know, I just got bored

Metal Solazaro: *Shoots an energy beam at Patricia at close range and the other hand is at Jack's face* Pop Goes The Pest. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHAHAHAH


Sonic: Grrrrhh...grr..grr hhhhhh *turns dark for a second*

Silver:Where is Shadow.

Shadow: Silver, stand back.

134px-Final Sonic-1-

Shadow: No and it's only him that can use.... FInal Transformation

Sonic:*hovering over the ground* Shadow.... Silver..... Take Jack and the others and Go Warn the People of Mobius to evacuate the planet. Then Use Warp Zone under to go to Planet Freedom.

Shadow: But Sonic.

Sonic: NOW *throws chaos controll orb at the group* *turns to Nazo* Now You Face Me.


Jack: (Gets up) Uh, what did I miss?

Patricia: (Gets up) By the way, that blast really hurt

(Bluray Your nazo)

Jack: Yeah, just a little bit

Patricia: But still it kinda tickled to me

M. Solarazo: I dont know how you trans formed but im not going to lose to you again!

Jack: Be careful Sonic

(i will be nazo until Bluray comes back)

M.Solarazo: DIE. *Throws Death Bomb At Sonic*

Sonic: *gets hit on purpuse and desent get hurt*

Patricia: Not even a single Scratch, Sonic is like Inderstructible, but that means...

Jack: (Gulps) Uh oh, that can't be good

Sonic: GO NOW!

Jack: Ok ok, sheesh

Patricia: Come on

(Jack & Patricia escapes)

(we'll call M. Solarazo, Nazo)

Nazo: Dammit WHY WONT YOU DIE YOU DAMMED HEDGEHOG! I HATE YOU (he sez i hate you for every blast he throws) *throws rapid blast at Sonic*

Sonic: *appears behind Nazo blasting him onto the ground*

Nazo: *falls down onto the ground* Chaos Controll... What!? I CANT USE IT WHY!

Sonic: Dont You Get It Nazo. *picks him up by the neck* Youre own Ability Is Prevenenting you from doing anything.


Sonic: Remember The Chaos Disruptor Ability you Copied from the actual machine well it affects Every one Even You

Nazo:Ok...I can lve with that...

(Nazo is more twisted than that be evil dude)

Sonic: Who said you'll be living* Blasthim into the ground*

Nazo:*Goes back to Chaos Hell*

Nazo:That fool the disrupter doesn't effecct me or my colleagues anymore now if we fuse one more time they'll be powerless!HAHAHHAH!

(he's still fused)

Sonic: *teleports in* Sorry Nazo It seems like Chaos Hell Is Too Good For You. *teleports back to Mobius

Mobius is deserted all of it's people are on Planet Freedom

Sonic:*matching blows with Nazo*

Nazo:SONIC DON'T THICK YOU CAN DEFEAT ME WITH OUT CHAOS POWERS! I think its time to say bye bye to Mobius.

Sonic: What? *looks up* NO!


The Planet Is Exploding and breaking up

Sonic: Youre just coping what a loser did out of desperation. 5 minets is mor than enough time to erace you from all relms

Jack: Whaooooo, is that an Earth Quake !

Patricia: (Hops on her Flying Broom) Hop on!

Jack: (Hops on Patricia's Flying Broom)


Patricia: Ok, hang on tight Jack

(Jack & Patricia heads into the Rift Rider)

Jared: (still on earth) Hmm.. I think it's time to do something right for a change! (flies into space)

Jack: Where is he going?

Patricia: I don't know, but let's put on our Space Helmets)

(Jack & Patricia puts on their Space Helments & it fits perfectly on their heads)

Jared: (in space) (puts on space helmet)

Nazo:And it won't take long to do that to you to.

Sonic: Ch-a-a-o-s-s WAVE!


Jared: CHAOS......... FREEZE!


Jack: Ok that makes zero sence

Patricia: I know right. By the way, I hope Sonic can defeat Nazo

Nazo:*His counter freezes Jare*Fight interfierers.

Jared: (breaks through the ice) (tosses giant bomb at Nazo)

Jack: Do you think we should help Sonic?


Patricia: I don't know, should we? We got beaten up by Nazo, remember?

Jack: Yes, but that doesn't mean we never give up

Nazo:*Smashes Sonic in stomach*

Patricia: Be careful Sonic !

(Spongebob100: We should wait for ApalloTheHedgehog to come back)

Shadow: Get Back In here

On The Doomed Planet

Sonic: Jared is a distraction. Taste My Finishing Move!Light Cannon! *this hits him head On and Sends Nazo Into the Core of the Planet*


Nazo: Aaaaaaaaaaaa Noooooooooooo AAAAAAAAA *blowsup with the core*

nAZO:but the nova will be so STRONG YOU WILL,L DIE WITH ME


(No DBZ Ending)


Sonic: NO Im going home. *Instant Transmission*


Jack: Whao!

Patricia: Sonic had finally won

sILVER:nic ebudy you kickied his negative butt!

Jared: Well, what about the earth?

Shadow: I Gues this is our new home

Blaze: I hope Sonic Gets Home Soon. Patricia Can You Stay With Me Until He Comes Back?

Jared: ......... (looks down)

Patricia: Sure Blaze

And So.... Nazo Is Defeated....... Tails and Knuckles can now Rest in peace....Thank You Sonic The Hedgehog Where Ever You Are........


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