Chaos Quest

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Anyone may join just put your name int he next open spot!

Episode 1:The Quest Begins! Part 1:Battle At The MuseumEdit

Narrator:And so we are about to begin one of the ultimate quests for the emeralds yet a journey of courage,heart,romance,action,adventure,ghosts,ultimate entities of chaos,ninjas, robots,explosions! The name of this quest was...:Chaos Quest!We pick up with a young mobian boy Plasma...Plasma The HedgeFox.Plasma has been reported to the Mobian police before(Being called by a witness as "A hedgehog, fox like thing?) but has never been seen for years now coming out of that 5 year hiding he is on a quest for the Chaos Emeralds ultimate infintie power!But before that he must find them with the help of friends the disadvantage of enimies and his ultimate nightmare that haunts him forever.That story begins now...

May 4,2011

Plasma:(Painfully) So finally...This is what Mobius looks like in the day...So unuse to the sun,flowers,others...But enough chatter I must get the emeralds!

(Blast comes off Lava Reef)


Plasma:I sense...Chaos Energy!! *Flies up to be unseen and flies to Lava Reef Zone*

Plasma:Lava Reef Zone...Sonic's longest place during his adventure stopping Eggman from rebuiding the Death Egg...made bigger by turning the fallen Death Egg into a tourist attraction dating the original 4 adventures...I'am close just need to find the lifeform holding the Emerald.

Necko hides behind a wall in the non-open museum. He seels his energy and Chaos Emerald using the power of the...Emerald ironic isn't it?


(Shoots Acid on the floor)

(Necko shoots Lava at the acid and Plasma)

Plasma:A HEDGEHOG!!!(Jumps up)

Plasma:You give me that Chaos Emerald!


( Plasma takes a dive punch at Necko but he catches it)

Plasma:(Struggling)Just...Give me...THE CHAOS EMERALD!!!!!

(Necko falls to the ground to kick Plasma's stomach)

Plasma:Give me that damn Chaos Emerald!

Necko:Heh I got you about to cough up a lung what makes you think you have any authority to ask for--


(Plasma puts his hands togther and wacks Necko across the face)

(The Red Emerald goes flying across the room)

Plasma:Thanks...ACID ASSAULT!!!

(A Big Acid ball forms in one hand and uses Chaos Energy to blow up Death Egg Museu. mNecko barely manages to blow it up accidently along with the Museum)

Plasma:(Flying) What a fool...CHAOS CONTROL!

(Necko tumbles down to the bottom volcano)

Necko:*In pain*Dangit.

?????????:(Far away from Lava Reef) So the freak is back better get the Emeralds or else it will happen again.

Episode 1:The Quest Begins! Part 2:New FriendsEdit

Kai:(Listening to music)Dad this Emerald you used your power flows inside it...One day I will bring honor back to our family.

Kai:Here someone comes!(seals Chaos Energy)

Plasma:Hello fox do you have anything of value?

Kai:No I know what you want!!! I don't have any Chaos Emeralds!

Plasma:And that tells...(does hand gesture)

Kai:I have a Chaos Emerald. :(

Plasma:Hand it over!

Kai:Never I just fould this emerald after 5 years and theres no way I'am giving it to!!!(Kai Throws a Punch)

Plasma:Are you challenging me?(Grabs punch)Because you better be better than the last one.(Shows Emerald To Kai)

Kai:(Thought) Could this guy have murdered a guy just for an Emerald?!?

Plasma:Are you gonna stand and stare or fight?

(Kai barely gets his hand free)

Kai:Fine lets fight me and my Chaos power VS. you and your Chaos Power!

Plasma:My thoughts exactly weakling

(Kai grits his teeth)

(Plasma continues to not smile) 

Jack & Patricia: (Appears) Hi

(Plasma & Kai turn)

Kai:Hi the name's Kai. Whats yours?

Jack: My name is Jack the Hedgehog & this is my Friend Patricia the Skunk

Patricia: Hi

Kai:Be careful guys I think that fox--hedgehog thing murdered a guy for a Chaos Emerald!

Jack & Patricia: (Gulps)

Plasma:I would do no such thing give me that emerald!

Kai:I've never tried this before but hold on guys...CHAOS CONTROL!

(Warps Him,Jack, and Patricia away from Plasma)

Speedy: (Appears)

Jack: Where are we?

Patricia: I don't know

Kai:Mr.Porcupine guy do you know!

Speedy: The names Speedy the Porcupine.

Jack: Hi Speedy

Patricia: It's nice to see you

Kai:You guys met before?

Patricia: Yes.

Jack: That's correct

Kai:Cool and you two obviusly aren't twins so why do you talk after each other?

Patricia: I maybe a Skunk from the Witch Sisters & Jack maybe a Hedgehog, but we like each other as Best Friends friends...(clutches Emerald)...Well we should get moving that thing is probably using his Chaos Energy to detect us.Speedy where are we?!?!

Speedy: Angel island.

Kai:Knuckles probably already knows we're here...So the thing attacking me will sense the Heavy Energy of the Master Emerald and hunt us down!!!

Jack: Now I think it's time to get moving

Kai:Ok lets go!

Patricia: Ok (Hops on her Flying Broom) Come on

Speedy: (Hops on the Broom)

(Back at Plasma)

Plasma:It doesn't matter I'll just use my Chaos Energy to hunt them down and when I'am close enough(clutches Emerald) I'll teleport and snap all there tiny necks!

Kai:So while we are on board Speedy where are we exactly?

Speedy: I have no Idea.

Kai:Oh man...Well at least we aren't at the Lava Reef on my Iphone News messanger it said it got blown up 3:37p---That thing might have blown up the Museum Patricia go to the Lava Reef please!

Jack & Patricia: Phew

(The group finds Necko outside volcano)

(Kai jumps off)

Kai:What happened here! Do you know who blew up this place?

(Necko is extremely hurt)

Necko:He had...Red Hair...And green fur.

Kai:Its him! That freak from earlier! What's your name?

Necko:Necko The Hedgehog.

Kai:Don't worry will heal you!Any one know how to heal?

Speedy: I have Healing powers.

Kai:Cool.Heal Necko fast I don't think he is gonna make it!

Speedy: (Heals Necko)

Jack: Oh dear are you ok?

Patricia: Yeah are you ok?


Kai:Necko did you have The Red Chaos Emerald!?!?!


Kai:Than we better get Knuckles here he can shut down the emeralds!

Jack: Ok

Patricia: Let's go

Speedy: Yeah.

Jack: How are we gonna find Knuckles?

Kai:Necko you want to come?

Necko:Heck yeah!

Kai:Cool Lets get to the Mystic Ruins and Master Emerald hopefully Knuckles isn't slacking off!

Episode 1:The Quest Begins! Part 3: The Mysterious NightEdit

May 4,2011 9:33pm Kai:Any sign of Mystic Ruins yet guys?


Kai:We should go down and rest the fox thing hasn't found us yet.

Jack: Ok

Patricia: I'm getting tierd

Kai:Well your doing better than Necko he just fell asleep and I have to hold his wrist just to keep him from falling.

Patricia: Thank you Kai. By the way you had the same name as the Bounty Hunter of Dr. EggPlankton

Kai:(Yawns)Sorry tell me more tommorow and lets camp there.

Kai:(Thought)A bounty hunter...

Jack: Your right maybe we should camp here for the Night

Kai:So what are we gonna do about Speedy?

Jack: (Looks at Speedy feeling Sleepy) Maybe we should put Speedy inside a Sleeping Bag so he can sleep


(Back at Plasma)

Plasma:Angel Island of all the places---(Thought)Why I can't move I'am frozen! Whats happen--

(Plasma falls onto the floor 80ft below him.)

(Plasma enters a nightmare)

Plasma:Where am I my head hurts pain misary sympathy why is this happening!!!

Kia:Jack Patricia you guys hear that!?!?!

Patricia: Hear what?

Kai:Like a boulder hitting the ground from a high distabce I think its fould us! You guys stay here I'll go check!

(Kai runs into woods)

Jack: Ok

Patricia: I think we need to be careful

(Plasma manages to roll him self into the water do to his nightmare)

Kai:Necko's emerald but no fox thing!

(Kai sees Plasma drowning)

Kai:Is it worth it?

Kai:Hmph.Cocky little kid he can take care of himself(jumps over to get emerald jumps back.Walks away)

Plasma:(Dream) I can bareley do anything!That jerk he stole my Chaos Emerald...But I'am dreaming.,.Something got me!

?????:You fool your worthless.

(?????:Beats living tar out of Plasma)

Plasma:I don't under(dream ends and falls down waterfall)

Kai:Guys I found his Chaos Emerald!!

Kai:Guys where are you?

Kai:Speedy wake up I need your help!

Jack: Huh? What?

Patricia: Sorry I couldn't hear you

Kai:Its ok I got Necko's Chaos Emerald back!

Kai:So I guess we should go to bed now.

Jack: Yeah, I hope nothing bad happens to us (Goes to Sleep)

Patricia: Yeah, I maybe a Skunk, but I'm a Beautiful one (Goes to sleep)

Speedy: (Goes to sleep)

(Time Elapses)

Episode 1:The Quest Begins! Part 4:Finally,Mystic Ruins!Edit

May 5,2011 9:33 AM

Jack: (Yawns) Good morning

Patricia: Good morning guys

Plasma:You you--- I will crush you all into dust!!!!Give me BACK MY DANG EMERALD!!!!!!!!!

Kai:HE IS...ALIVE!!!!

Speedy: Good morning!

Kai:Chaos CON--(Plasma grabs hand) Plasma:Not this time!

(Plasma smashes Kai into ground and takes Emerald)


(Ginat green clound covers Angel Island due to double the power)

(Kai takes Emeralds)

Kai:Speedy take Patricia Necko and Jack and get to the Mystic Ruins i'll fight this thing--

Plasma:The names Plasma and isn't that the weakling I pummeled the tar out yesterday?


Jack: Guys, where do we go next?

Patricia: I don't know


Plasma:What the(Kia punchs in face)

Kai:Run away!!!!

Jack: Darkstorm, what are you doing here?

Kai:Am I the only one who knows no one !:(

(Kai grabs Necko)

Kai:TO the Mystic Ruins if you don't want to become dust!

Speedy: Jack Follow me!!

Jack: Ok, but what about Patricia?

Patricia: (Waving at Speedy)

Kai:I'll handle Pla--

(Plasma chokes)


(Plasma drops)

Plasma:The Master Emerald if I get it I can control all Chaos And summon them to me!

(Plasma flies off)

Kai:Leave Necko here...No one will get him (Kai flies off)

Patricia: Where is Plasma going?

Darkstorm: Blaze is sick.

Jack: Which Blaze do you meant?

Kai:Come on Plasma's gonna use the Master Emerald!!!!

Jack: How are we gonna get to Plasma?

Kai:Oh yeah most Hedgehogs are speed so Dash Panels know what forget it just run he isn't as fast at flying as he is running!

Jack: Maybe I can carry Patricia & run fast, maybe it'll be quicker

Kai:Speedy coment and Darkstorm can run I guess so lets go!


Plasma:Finally the Master Emerald!

Kai:You have to beat me before you can have the power --and where the Heck is Knuckles!

Jack: I don't know

(Sukendus lands where Necko is)

Sukendus:So if it isn't the hedgehog brat who would stop at nothing to get the Emeralds...Plasma will be so angry once he figures I have his ally and a Emerald that he can't even attempt ot get!

(Sukendus drags Necko in plane and flies to Mystic Ruins)

Patricia: (Hops on her Flying Broom) So what should we do?

Kai:Fight Plasma? Well he looks younger than me and I'am 14 so this ll be no sweat if we work togther!

Jack: Ok

Plasma:(Thought)Wait how old AM I I can't even remember my Birthday What The Heck!?!?!?

Plasma:Fine I'll crush you all starting with you fox teen!

Kai:Guard the Emeralds!I'll stall Plasma.

(Begins to rain)

Episode 1:The Quest Begins! Part 5:Havoc Unleashed At Mystic Ruins!Edit

Darkstorm: I meant Hedgecat Blaze

Jack: My wife is sick again?


Jack: Hold on Blaze, I'm coming for ya

Darkstorm: Whoa, Jack calm down, my yautjan medic are donig their best!!!

Jack: Sorry.

Patricia: Do you think she'll be ok?

Blaze THC: Jacky!!

Jack: Blaze the Hedgecat (Hugs Blaze THC) Are you ok?

Darkstorm: Remeber when we fought the Fudd?

Jack: Oh yeah, my wife gave birth to Skate Jr. then that means were having another baby?

Stardust:(Chaos controlls with her brother next to her father) Daddy, Mommy, and Uncle Darkstorm!!!

Jack: Stardust, Skate Jr. hows are lovely children doing today?

Stardust:Good, Just learned Chaos Control.

Jack: That's my Daughter

Darkstorm:Thats nice and but WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHY SKATE JR. TIED MY TAIL IN A VERY well orginized KNOT!!!?

Jack: Sorry, because he's just a kid (Carries Skate Jr. & Stardust)

(Please read the rules before continuing the Roleplay)

Plasma:Just give me the Emerald and I won't have to hurt you can't you get it through your thick skull!!

Kai:NOOOO!Your gonna destroy Angel Island!I won't let you!

(Plasma and Kai exhausted)

(Plasma raises index finger into the sky)

Plasma:Fine if thats the way you want it!!!ACID ASSULT!

(Half of Mystic Ruins Master Emerald shrine falls off)



(Kai Chaos controls them back to the still safe half)

Kai:We did it! We won!

(Plasma flies back up)


Kai:And whats a pint like you gon--

(Plasma dashes towards Kai)


Blaze THC:(Vomits)

Jack: Blaze, are you ok?

Patricia: Guys, Blaze is sick

(Kai gets smashed in the stomach)

Plasma:You will--What the

(Airplane comes down)

Sukendus:You all are going to jail for destrution of Angel Island property and improper use of Chaos Emeralds.

Plasma Kai and Necko:Theres a rule for that?

(Sukendus shoots Plasma)

Sukendus:Emeralds in pefect shape Chaos control!

(There inside a room that seals out all attacks)

Sukendus:Enjoy this room it will be the last place you see before we exc--I mean put you on trial!

(Seals room)

Kai:(Whispers) If we want to get out of here we might have to work with Plasma!What are we gonna do!?!??!

(Plasma sits there curled up)

(Outside of Jail)

Jack: What should we do, Patricia?

Patricia: I don't know


Patricia: Don't worry we're gonna bust you outta, but I have 1 Question


Plasma:(Thought)Why did he shoot me?They said I look the youngest but what king of guy in authority shoots some one 13 or younger?I'am starting to feel fear again why? Iam not in a nightmare?

Kai:Plasma you ok?

Patricia: How did this happen?

Plasma:(With fear)He took the emeralds and warped us here to be excuted!

Kai:(Thought)Does Plasma know him he seems scared?

Jack: Don't worry, Patricia & I are gonna get you out in a Giffi

Kai:Thanks you guys are a big help but Speedy Darkstorm and the others must have escaped some how.

Kai:Hurry I think there coming!

Jack & Patricia: (Hides in a Bush)

Sukendus:Hello fools I'am General Sukendus General of Angel Island and now I think you're gonna enjoy this next part (smiles at Plasma)

(Plasma shivers with fear)

(Sukendus chains up Plasma and Kai)

Necko:(In a tree holding onto a branch)Dangit!We must save them!

Jack: (Whispers) We need an Escape Plan

Patricia: Jack's right

Necko:Your right.

(Inside Court room)

Sukendus:You two will die by Chaos Powered electric chair!

Kai:I won't because my friends who believe in me will come and kick your can!

Sukendus:SHUT UP!

Plasma:(Fearfully)You can't say that to him he has the right to talk you sadist!!

Sukendus:SHUT UP!!!!!!!(Shoots bullet at Plasma)

(Kai blocks it and is shot in the stomach)

Plasma:Why did you save me?

Kai:Because I believe to give evreyone another chance no matter how bad they treat me!

Plasma:(Thought)Someone actually does care about me!!


Plasma:The Court isn't made out of the same matieral that jail is!!!

(Plasma busts out roof to get the others)

Plasma:Jack Patricia where are you guys!!I'am sorry please help Kai he helped me!

(Plasma clutches fist)

Episode 1:The Quest Begins! Part 6:The Great Escape!Edit

Patricia: (Uses her Magic Wand to turn a Wall where Plasma & Kai are in, into a Door)

Jack: Plasma, Kai. Patricia made a door with her Magic, you can open the Door now

Plasma:Thanks you guys take Kai and heal him,Necko and I will get the emerald!

Necko:Sukendus better watch out!!!

Plasma:If you can't heal look for Speedy quickly!

Jack: Ok

Patricia: (Hops on her Flying Broom) Come on

Jack: (Hops on Patricia's Flying Broom) Get the others quick!

Plasma:Got the emeralds and Kai Necko jump!!!

(Necko jumps)





Jack: Your welcome

Patricia: Just returning the Favor

Plasma:Sorry for being a jerk.

Kai:Anyone gonna help the guy with the FRIGGIN BULLET IN HIS STOMACH!!!!!!!

Patricia: Oh right (Uses her Magic to heal Plasma)

Kai:Thanks...You guys are true friends right Plasma noone I ever met is as nice as them! Plasma?

Plasma:Friends...Guys wherever Knux he is not there so we must use the power of the Master Emerald to hunt down the rest and stop Sukendus! Are you with me?!!?!

Kia:Alright true friens!


Jack: Guys, we don't know where Knuckles is now at, but we gotta keep moving

Plasma:Thats what I said so are you with us!?!

Patricia: Yes

Jack: Yes, then let's do it

Plasma:Kai your right.You guys are the best! So lets split up prepare and meet up in a few days Ok!



Kai:Alright drop us off on Seaside and we'll see yeah later!

Patricia: You got it (Lands her Flying Broom) Here we are

Plasma Necko and Kai:See ya later!

Plasma and Kai:(Thought)True friends...

Episode 1:The Quest Begins! Part 7:Next Episode Preview!Edit


Plasma:Hey its me Plasma!This weird time traveler girl wants my emerald!

Katie:Give it to me or the Universe will crumble!

Zenaroid:Listen to the girl if you want to live!

Plasma:Why can't I stop shaking!

Kai:Next time on Chaos Quest Attack of Zenaroid!

Zenaroid:Beware my power its quite destructful!

Episode 1:The Quest Begins! > Episode 2:Attack of Zenaroid!

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