Roblox Rampage
Created by User:BlurayOriginals and User:Mr.Zaya
Written by BlurayOriginals


Directed by BlurayOriginals
Creative director(s) BlurayOriginals (Season 1-)

Mr.Zaya (Season 1-)

Starring BlurayOriginals


Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 30 (2 finised) (List of episodes)
Producer(s) BlurayOriginals
Location(s) Robloxia
Running time Approx. 22 Minutes
Original channel BlurayOriginals Wiki
Rating TV-PG
First shown in March 25, 2012
Status Running
Related shows Roblox Rampage: The Kyle Chronicles

Roblox Rampage is a series based of the Roblox adventures of BlurayOriginals.

Premise[edit | edit source]

Roblox Rampage follows the exploits of Bluray Originam and Isaiah Altra, two best buddies who travel the planet of Robloxia fighting off antagonistic people. Along the way they are assisted by their siblings 2D Altra, Vaniah Altra and Kyle Originam, often without the two's consent. 

Development[edit | edit source]

In January 2012, the idea of the series occured when Bluriginals was being shown Roblox by his friend Mr.Zaya. Among one of their first games the met a user by the name of Ownage(numberspam). They state that the user was very immature and inspired them to make a series featuring them and the users surrounding them on Roblox, and thus Roblox Rampage was born out of the idea subsequently. The series began development March 17th 2012 with the first episodes script being finished March 25th 2012.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Main Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Bluray Originam- (age 12-13 in Season 1;) A young boy who loves adventuring. He likes to joke around and never likes to take things seriously when he doesn't have to. He wears a signature hat which he uses to cover his hair, (which he wants no one to see). He has a crush on Vaniah Altra.
  • Isaiah Altra- (age 10-11 in Season 1;) One of  the middle children of Jerald Altra and Denise Altra. A (normally) sensible and occasionally screwy kid, he is rather power-abundant and thoughtful.
  • 2D Altra- (age ~14 in Season 1;) The extremely intelligent and also extremely goofy eldest child of the Altra kids. He's often bored being intelligent and thus resorts to goofing around a lot.
  • Angel Altra- (age 13 in Season 1;) The second oldest child of the Altra family, Vaniah is often considered quite odd. Preferring to be referred to as "Angel" (her middle name) or "Demon V" this girl is often the source of drive for most (mostly Bluray, as he has a crush on her); she is considerably the token girl of the group.
  • "Ownage"- (age 10 in Season 1;) An immature ten year old who Bluray and Isaiah met while building. He holds a vendetta towards them after his defeat to them in the series premiere. He's extremely narccistic, often putting himself above his enemies. He further antagonizes the two in later episodes, more particularly Blu by attempting to dilute his chances with Angel.
  • Pokey Manpi- (age 11 in Season 1;) An avid Pokemon player who got into a fight with Isaiah three years prior to the series. He's been in a rivalry with Isaiah since then. He wears yellow clothes just like his skin color often leading to gags related to him supposedly being naked.

Major Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Freezy Dud- (age 12 in Season;)

Groups[edit | edit source]

There are many factions on ROBLOXia, but most are known as groups.

PWN POLICE[edit | edit source]

A dissolved group that attacked the Annex of Gamers during a 7-hour interval. It formed when Bit Koin, a Vex/Ditor hybrid, went around harassing the Forum of ROBLOXia and then a bunch of followers came, and thus the forum collapsed and took a month to restructure. Subsequently, the Builders Club kidnapped the PWN POLICE members and launched them to banland.

PWN POLICE II[edit | edit source]

The official name for the PWN POLICE II is Bloxxers anonymous, and the founder is Ford (of which was carried onto Isaiah Altra to take care of).  There are countless members, and the most prominent are Isaiah and 2D Altra, Apallo Hedgie, and BlurayOriginals.

Builder's Club[edit | edit source]

An evil organization created by a fallen ROBLOXian god, Telamon. It has three degrees, Builder's Club at the lowest, Turbo Builders Club in the middle, and Outrageous builder's club at the top. Telamon mortally cursed and wounded the other ROBLOXian gods with the status. It is the largest group within all of ROBLOXia.

Robloxians[edit | edit source]

Species[edit | edit source]

Robloxians in general. Moving Along.

Sub-species[edit | edit source]

a subspecies is a species below a classified species, not another species

Races[edit | edit source]

There are 11 races of the common Robloxian Human(oid). Note: It is unknown the origin race of all Robloxians.

  1. Noob- The youngest and newest of the Robloxian Species. Due to heavy breeding of Hospeses and Vexes, Noobs' I.Q's were severly lower causing them to be known to have the tendency and urge to do the stupidest things, which is why they are discriminated by most. However on few ocassions Narbs are taken in and taught the way of another race out of pity OR personal gain of the other race. They are the most common species.
  2. Hospes- The ancestors and 1/2 creators of the Noob, the Hospes were on forced to suffer less privileges due to their "stupidity" (deemed due to their kindness, and later on in life creation of the Narbs as Vexens were always deemed as one of the smartest of the seven races) yet they kept to their kindness. and says things like “Friend” randomly and annoys the other subspecies, which gets them little to no respect. They are the the fourth most common species
  3. Ditor- Ditor are Robloxians who tends to kill their kind. Most cannot help it, but others are able to can control it. They are the sixth most common species.
  4. Alt- These robloxians are small clones of Robloxians made to live out in case of Death of the "parent" Robloxian. They carry out the old race of the Parent. They start out baby sized but share all of  their parent's memories and once they live for the amount of years as there parentswhen they created them (I.E 2D created his alt 4D, when he was 12. 4D won't reach a realistic Robloxian height until he's 12). They are normally endearing and truthful. They are the second most common species
  5. Vex- A Robloxian cursed with the natural instincts of narciccism, compulsive decision making and who lack of common sense and mental compacities. Sadly there is only a 5% rate of actual intellgent Vexens and even still they still normally have instigating intents and even manipulation tactics. They are also notable for being part of the mass breeding which created narbs. They are the third most common species
  6. Bloxxer- A race built for action. By our standards this is the most normal race, Bloxxers are incredibly strong but also with reasonable intellgence. They do have a downside, due to their constant abuse from the Builder's Club making them hostile and more distrusting of others. They are the least most common subspecies.
  7. Greedling- a subspecies of the ROBLOXian, which of whom crave money over everything, and makes the sleaziest sales for their items such as t-shirts and other clothing knowing it’s not worth the amount. They are the fifth largest subspecies.
  8. Prudent- Prudenti are wise, quick-witted Robloxians who are the natural enemies of the Anta. They are very intelligent, and their intelligence makes up for the fact they aren't physically powerful at all.
  9. Anta- Anta are dopey, naturally ignorant beings driven by no purpose. The most recognized one of said species is Aaron Met.
  10. Stultior- There is only one known Stultior, and that is Ghost Returns.
  11. Eggbot- An artificial species created by the fallen god John Shedletsky (Formerly known as Telamon). They are high-rank Builders Club Members and loyalist to the organization. There are just a bit more than 125,000 worldwide. They are the least common species.

Notable Noobs[edit | edit source]

  • Ownage 
  • StanimirUk
  • Bumber Girl

Notable Ditors[edit | edit source]


Notable Alternatives[edit | edit source]

  • 4D

Notable Semi-trolls[edit | edit source]

  • Whore Fat

Notable Bloxxers[edit | edit source]

  • Ixis
  • Isaiah Altra
  • 2D Altra
  • Vaniah Altra

Notable Greedlings[edit | edit source]

  • TBA

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Episode Title Date Synopsis Episode Number Character Debuts Locations/Games
Owning Ownage

March 17, 2012

In this series premiere,Isaiah is peacefully building when a noob troll begins to destroy the location. Isaiah calls Bluray and the two challenge the troll to a fight at Isaiah's place. The battle proves fierce as Ownage begins to destroy the baseplate after copying the duo's Uber Transformation, but in the end Isaiah finishes him off with a swift strike from the ban hammer. 1
  • Bluray Originals
  • Isaiah Alt
  • Ownage
Dark Days at Isle Perfecto 2
The Fatal Crash

March 18, 2012 (series)

Taking a vaction after the extremely explosive battle with Ownage, Isaiah and Bluray decide to board a plane. Little do they know that Ownage (who apparently comes from rich descent) hire the pilot to purposely crash onto an island. Bluray falls off of the plane out it's door in the middle of normal flight and lands on the island prematurely. Bluray meets 32 year old man known as "Bob". The man being abandoned on the island do to his extreme pedophile charges against many Robloxian children. Bob plans to "befriend" Bluray so that he can eat and "play" with him. Bluray catches onto this early and the plane arrives with an injured Isaiah. Bob plans on kidnapping Isaiah, but just in time Bluray decapitates Bob using his UberSword. The two call a savior which ultimately ends with Ownage sending them a captur. 3
  • Bob

Ownage's Outstanding Obstacle Oddesy

March 18, 2012 (series) After an hour the duo are rescued from our last installment. A troll friend of Ownage's known as Poke Manphy kidnaps them and gives them 24 Hours to defeat the trolls' obstacle oddesy and beat them, otherwise the skyward oddsey will fall into a small portion of Robloxia claming up to 66 hundred lives. Isaiah is taken out of the arena early by Ownage and Poke in which he has to survive Drakobloxxers. Hungry reptilian animals of Robloxia. Opon the Aerial Oddesy lands three friends of Bluray's named Armani Ferno, Yumin Tummy & Hooli Ganexel. The three complete the maze, as well as Isaiah defeating the Drako Bloxxer. Bluray and Isaiah combine their Uber Transformation to use the Double Explosion destroying the odessy and causing the troll to flee. The five escape by using teleport back to Isaiah's house. 4
  • Poke Manphy
  • Fantasy Obby(171K+)
On the Road to Robloxia City Our five protagonists make their way 5
Baby Blue Bluray turns into a baby 6
Zombie Uprising 7
Nonsense with Neenee Neenee tries to kill Isaiah 8
Beginings with the Bobobo and Bomber Crew! Our heroes meet the Hudson Heroes 9
Pokey's Power Battle Pokey challenges Isaiah to a battle 10
Living Life with Dud A week in the lives of Mageno and Freezy  11
Canine Catastrophe Ownage uses his Morpher Fluid Tank to transform Blu, Zay, Angel and 2D into foxes. Now it's up to Tardzy and Kyle Originals to find them and give them the antidote before they succumb to the rivalry against the Wolf Clan 12
Operation Impending Domo Bluray discovers the secret lair of a clan of domo's who want nothing more than to take over the world. 13 http://www.roblox.com/The-Domos-Cave-94-done-place?id=47884218
Neenee Returns 14
Loony Ranian Part 1 Bluray and Isaiah meet an arrogant racists who they attempt to defeat 15
Loony Ranian Part 2 Our heroes meet a new hero named Apallo and keep going at Kyle Corvee. 16
Heroes vs. Villains 17
Forum Fantasy 18
Power to the Paintball Players 19
The Hudson Heroes Return Part 1 20
The Hudson Heroes Return Part 2 21
She's An Angel 22
Checkpoint Racing 23 http://www.roblox.com/Checkpoint-Racing-v4-0-place?id=4981994
Bikini Bottom's Big Bob Battle 24 http://www.roblox.com/Feed-The-Giant-Spongebob-Or-Get-Eaten-ESCAPE-place?id=10068345
Roblox City's Egg Hunt 2013 25 http://www.roblox.com/Roblox-Egg-Hunt-2013-place?id=110132408
Duck Destiny 26 http://www.roblox.com/The-Mummy-Returns-with-his-DUCKEHS-place?id=16537027#
Explore the Universe 27 http://www.roblox.com/Space-Explorers-Build-live-on-a-planet-place?id=1729654
Roblox Racing Part 1 28 http://www.roblox.com/Mario-Kart-ROBLOX-Dash-Optimizations-place?id=30040889
Roblox Racing Part 2 29
Roblox Racing Part 3: 30

Isaiah's origins

Sword Tournament

Braving the Deadly Mountain

Nintendo Land

Voice Actors[edit | edit source]

Character Voice Actor Portrayed by Based on
Bluray Originals Jason Ritter BlurayOriginals
Isaiah Alt/Ford James Arnold Taylor IsaiahthehedgehogALT/ford08105
Vaniah Angel "Demon V." Alt Karen Strassman Shadowdevilangel12
Test "2D" Alt Tom Kenny 2DTesting
Armani Ferno Jamil Walker Smith Monferno6; BIRL1
"Ownage" Jillian Michaels Ownage12421
Neenee Thirfty Jessica DiCicco Neenee(unknown Numbers)
Freezy Dud Eddie Deezen Freezydude
Ixis Kel Mitchell IsaiahXtreme
Ex McBass Duran Norris ExplicitBass
"Faker" Christopher Sabat Faker247
Finn Baker Will Forte Finn107
Meldo Bryant Gary LeRoi Gray meldo/melduh
Aveline Naktarra Amber Goldfarb Nakattack
"The Coffee Guy" Dan Green LaCoffeeMan
Aaron Met
Maurice "Yoyo" Kila Roger Craig Smith yoyokila
"Jay Jay" Rhassan Orange jayjay200
Bradon "Bumber" Gur Tom Kenny Bambamman11
Jose Fote


"Tardzy" Altra

Jonathan Gran (Ukinojoe) Crazy18677
Joshua "Killer Corvette" Durant Andrew Kishino killercorvette/Loonarian
"Ghost Returns" Linda Lee Ghostreturns55

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Future Beta content[edit | edit source]

People[edit | edit source]

  • Builderman
  • Telamon
  • Trolls
  • Tigertot10 (possibly)
  • Samthx
  • Archerdude23
  • IsaiahXTreme
  • Mario55589
  • Bloxicanos
  • Killer2053
  • Noobs
  • 12yz12ab
  • Nakindboy12
  • Tad Cool

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Robloxia
  • Robloxia City
  • BloxStar Pennisula
  • Afbrika
  • The Blonx
  • Bloxbury

Episodes[edit | edit source]

  • Amerbrickas Got Talent

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • As to make Robloxia a more realistic place as opposed to a game certain characters names may seperated and/or changed to fit this criteria. (i.e Bluray becomes Bluray Orignals, Isaiahthehedgehogalt becomes Isaiah Alt.)
  • Certain elements are tweaked from the actual Roblox interactions. Such as Bluray Originals having a crush on Angel even though the two have had no interactions in real life Roblox.
  • Killed Corvette's real name, Joshua Durant is a pun concerning GM. As the Corvette being a car manufactured by Chevrolet, the car company's original founder's name was William C. Durant.
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