This is Episode 9 of PokéQuest.

Chapter ?: Victini's Special power! Edit

Victini: Ready?

Isaiah:You bet, bitch.

Victini: Okay. *Dissapears*

Allen: D:

Nick:He'll be back...

Vic: *Kicks Mason In The Face* ...

Mason:YOU SON OF A- *punches Vic several times*

Victini: *Grabs Both Of His Paws And Begins To Break*

Tucker *Uses Razor Leaf On Victini*

Victini: *Reflects AT pETER*

pETER: Ouch!


Nick: YOU SON OF A BITCH... I AM SO ANGERED FROM YOU RIGHT NOW... I COULD JUST- *evolves into Samurott and does Samurott cry* LET'S GO!!!

Victini: It worked! You guys Must be the one. But that'll be decided now!


VICTINI's speed lowered sharply!

Nick: *dashes up to Victini and kicks him*

Victini: If...Nice...IF I WAS A LEVEL 5 *Grabs Allen By The Tail tHROWS aT cANDY mAKING Candy Trip Grab Peter's Tail And SHock All 3 Of Them*

Nick: WHAT PART DONT THE FUCK YOU UNDERSTAND?!*fires water from his mouth at Victini*

Victini: *Reflects At The 3 Again* ...

Nick:I hate you.

Flame Boy And Nick:*do their tag-team attack, no miss*

Victini: *Dodges* Wannaknow a secret?

Nick:Yes I do, bitch.

Victini: I'am Victini The Victory Pokémon! With my power your luck power and speed will increase! Which is why i can dodge most attacks...

Isaiah:Of course! You're a Psychic type! Psychics are weak to Bug, Ghost and Dark! And I'm part ghost!*deforms back to normal* You and me, one-on-one!

Victini: Sure why not.

Isaiah:HEX! *uses it on Victini- a haze comes and hits it*

Victini: ...


Victini: What?

Isaiah:I think I scraped my neonic stem...

Nick:*fires water at him*(LOL)

Vic: *Gets Hit* IFF!

Nick:Isaiah stalled you! Good thing you're weak to WATER!

Vic: Good thing I'am lucky!

Nick:SURF! *a wave of water comes rushing at Vic*

Vic: *Flies Over*

Allen: *On the ceiling holding on to a floating Candy and uses his Long Tail To Slam Vic's Head IN The Surf*

Isaiah:Way to go, Allen and Nick... If only Sammy was here...

Candy: *Slips And So Her And Allen Get Blasted*

Vic: Pure luck.

Nick: HYBER BEAM!!! *fires a blast at Vic*

Vic: *Cartwheels away Blasting Through The Wall Harmign Allen And Candy*



Vic: I didn't do it. They just stood there.

Allen: *Holding On To Edge With Candy On Tail* Guys a little help?

Mason:*grabs them*

Allen: Thanks! *Uses Swift On Victini*

Victini: *Gets Hit Away*

Candy: Fire at him!

Nick: SMACK DOWN! *throws a rock at Victini*

Vic: Gr...Nice one.

(It's Super Effective! Only because that was a rock type move, and Fire types are weak to rock types.)

Nick:You hit!

Vic: Yes. Now that you have evolved and reclaimed your spot as the Chosen Sammurott we shall fight and if you dare defeat me, Is shall join your team.

Allen: *Eyes Sparkle* Wow I legendary....

Nick:A fair wager.]

Vic: Believe me, you guys seem really cool and I'd love to join your team, however let's just see if your good!

Lee: *uses scald on Vic*

Vic: Who are you

Manny: That kid isn't one of our friends.

Lee: im Lee the Oshawott!! Soon to be the best in the world!

Allen: You the PokéKing? HA! *Uses His Tail To Push Lee In The Face*

Lee: you'll see one day!

Allen: Yeah right!

Lee: trust me

Allen: *smiles* Right after Victini your next!

Nick:GUYS! FOCUS! Yeah, when "Lee" evolves into a Dewott, he'll fuck you up. (Dewott can learn a lot of fighting type moves.)

Allen: And he'll lose his right to be king giving me default victory.


Lee: thanks bro. from the looks of it i'll be pretty cool when i evolve

Nick:And yeah, My name's Nicholas, but you can call me Nick. I was just proving Allen of his ignorance...

Lee: alright Nick. i wonder how long its gonna take to become a Samurott

Nick:If you train often, you'd become on sooner than later.

Lee: sounds easy

Allen: Grr...

Nick:Hey, it's the truth, Allen.

Allen: Whatever! *Jumps At Victini With A Focus Punch*

Victini: *Gets Hit* A little low level...

Nick:Allen. DON'T use a fighting type move. Victini's resistant!

Mason:*uses Crunch on Victini*

Nick:We have to use supereffective moves!

Allen: Uh....


Allen: Dear god..... *Jumps And Uses Swift*

Victini: *Misses Him*


Victini: *Disapears*

Lee: where did he go?


Allen: !

Lee: i didn't even get to use my scalchop yet

Nick:...He'll be back

Victini: *AppearsBehind And Kicks Teh Back Of Candy's Head*

Nick:PUSSSAH *uses smack down, and throws a rock at Victini*

Lee: *uses Razor Shell on Victini* eat it SUCKAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Victini: *Dodges The Rock gets hit By Razor Shell which slams him into the rock*

Lee: grrrr. *uses Razor Shell on Victini again*

Victini: *Misses By Luck*

Lee: damn it!

Victini: Who are you?

Lee: i'm Lee the Oshawott! Soon to be best in the world!!

Nick: LEARN TO TAKE A HIT! *takes out part of his sword from his anterior leg, and slashes Victini* (THAT COUNTS AS A WATER TYPE MOVE, YO!)

Lee: *uses Scald on Victini*

Mason:ARGH! STONE EDGE!*fails*

Victini: *Holding Chest* Nice keep it coming...

Lee: TAKE THIS!! *slashes at Victini's chest with Razor Shell*

(Login dude. lul.)

Rotom:SLEEP POWDER! *stares at Victini and causes him to get drowsy*

Victini: *Begins To SHut Eyes Abit* ...

MYW:{AFPASIIOFHI *every move in the world on Victini*


(Some failed machine Nick found that can use all known moves at once.)

Victini: *Pure luck makes all the moves cancel each other out* Wow!

Nicholas:No. No. NO. NO! RAIN DANCE! *Summons water to fall down from above to boost his water-type attacks)

Victini: Let's go!

Lee: i love rain!

Allen & CANDY: *look over at Lee* ...

Mason:He's a water type.... *facepaw*

Allen: I know. That was just random! *rolls over to Victini garbbing him* Fire ,MASON!

Lee: *enjoying the rain*

Mason:CRUNCH! *bites Victini*

(It's supereffective. TROLOLOL)

Lee: i don't know Bite........

Victini: Ow!


Lee: sounds good to me.

Candy: OK!

Isaiah, Nick and Flame Boy: SPIRALING BLAST! *Nick fires Aqua gun, Isaiah fires Charge beam, and Flameboy fires incincerate*

Victini: OH no!

(Charge beam is in the center, and Aqua gun and incinerate surround it.)

Isaiah, Nick and Flame Boy:HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! *tenses the attack*

Vicitni: *tries to escape*

Allen: & Candy: *hold him down* NOOOOOOOOOOOW!



Lee: NICE!

Nick:We've practiced it often.

Vicitni: *stands back up covered in blood* I survivded....luck I guess--

Allen: *punches Victini through the tower walls to the bottom* NO MORE STUPID LUCK JOKES!

Lee: wow

Isaiah:Time to go to sleep, FOR GOOD. RAZOR SWORD! *takes out sword and cuts Victini*

Lee: *uses Razor Shell on Victini right after Isaiah's attack*

Flame Boy: YEAH! *jumps into the air and freezes*

Victini: *turns invisable and sweep kicks Lee* You guys are good. Just a litttle bit longer...

Lee: *falls face first*

Flame Boy:WUSS! *Slams his head into the wall repeadedtly*

Lee: *gets up* what the heck just happened?

Flame Boy:You tell me, bro

Victini: Endure!

Flame Boy:I'm not hitting you once powerfully, am I? You wasted a move.

Lee: *rubbing his face* when i get my hands on him he'll be sorry.

Flame Boy:I'MMUH FIR'N MAH LAZOR! BWAAA= *blasts Victini dircectly in the fat face*

Victini: *barrel rolls dodging it*

Isaiah:DIE, YOU BUTTHOLE *uses his stems to to pick up victini and locking him in his clutches, then flies into the air, and slams Victini into the ground on impact*

Lee: SCREW YOU!! *slices Victini multiple times with Razor Shell*

Victini: INCINERATE! *fires at Lee to counter Razor Shell*

Lee: *stumbles back, barely affected. then continues using Razor Shell* not very smart.

Victini: *dashes towards Lee* Just wait and see!