This is episode nine of PokéQuest.

Chapter ??: Edit

Victini stood there watching his opponents tough efforts.


Victini brought a tooth-y smile. "Something funny to you?"

Nick:You tell me.

"We'll see." begins flying. "It's time to deliver the finishing blow. If I win, I'll help you guys on your journey. If you lose ...just enjoy losing on of your chances.

Nick:Why would I lose? You're already at disavantage...

"Explain" Victini said looking smug.

Nick:Do I have to?

"It's not just YOU who might lose." he rushes and smashes Candy out the wall.

Mason:You forgot about ME. *uses rock tomb, clashing boulders down on Victini*

Victini: Where did they come from *the Rock Tomb breaks through all the floors*

Nick:You screwed up this time...

Isaiah:*allies with Nick* You might as well give up now! I'm half Ghost and Nick's a Water-type!

Victini: Well guess what. Luck. And if that's the way I win there's no point in fighting. I shall join you team. *gives the group Max Potions*

Nick:Joke's on you, I don't believe in luck.

Victini: Well it's true. A lot of the time you missed and I hit was my special ability Victory Star. It raises my accuracy and over all boosts my chances of making Super effective hits on the five of the seventeen types I'm weak to.

Nick:You don't make "super effective hits", you make critical hits. Huge difference.*stands bipedal and takes out his sword*

Victini: And how do you know that if you JUST met me? I know how my powers work.

Nick:How would I know? Legends.

Victini: Good point. Well, shall we go?

Cherry: *standing next to Oozy* Alright.


Cherry: ?

Oozy:*speechless*...I'm scared to fight him! He's part-psychic!

Victini: You guys won. I'm joining your team. I meant let's leave my tower.

Nick:*puts his trollface mask on*

Cherry: Come on let's go!

The group: *walk down the stairs*


Braviary: *congradulates them*


Braviary: ?


Braviary: Good job.

Nick:Thank you.

Cherry: Are you OK Oozy?

Oozy:Still unnerved.

Cherry: Ah.

Audino: Nice job!


Victini: *happily walks*

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