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Main Story Edit

When a PokéKing is reaching the end of there life a new one must be elected through battle. The King Aaron Pikanew was murdered by a mysterious jealous Pokémon and the others must go on a journey to stop evil ones from becoming the King! One of each Pokémon has been chosen and forced to set sail into battle reegardless of Power.


6 Pokémon Per Person put pokemon to corrasponding number.6 per season and 6 more evrey season you are allowed to call ONE pokémon for season 2. Don't forget you can also have two of each and mark ♦(ALT-4) for shiny.

Chosen Pokémon Edit

  1. Sizzle The Charizard (Bluray's Bro)
  2. Peter The Pikachu (Bluray's Brother)
  3. Manfred "Manny" The Meowth
  4. Shade the Gengar (Zombiekiller85)
  5. Mew (Bluray)
  6. Larz The Quilava (Apallo)
  7. Packy The Pichu (Bluray's Brother)
  8. Allen The Aipom (Bluray)
  9. Mason The Herdier
  10. Rush the Blaziken (KFC)
  11. Shell te Salamance (KFC)
  12. Crush the Metagross (KFC)
  13. Groudon (Bluray's Brother)
  14. Tucker The Turtwig (Bluray's Bro)
  15. Volt The Luxray (Mr.Zaya)
  16. Candy The Cherrim (Bluray)
  17. Rick the Munchlax (Zombiekiller85)
  18. Luke The Lucario (Mr.Zaya)
  19. Palkia (Bluray's Bro)
  20. Victini (Bluray)
  21. Lee the Oshawott (Zombiekiller85)
  22. (Bluray Called)
  23. Nick the Samurott (Mr.Zaya)
  24. Mason The Herdier (Mr.Zaya)
  25. Flame Boy The Pansear (Zaya)
  26. Zekrom (Bluray)

Normal PokémonEdit

  1. Isaiah The Rotom (Zaya)
  2. Oozy The Trubbish (Zaya)
  3. Spook The Woobat (Zaya)
  4. Samuel "Sammy" The Sandile (Mr.Zaya)
  5. Joshua The Dragonite (Mr.Zaya)
  6. Suzie The Lopunny (Luke's Girlfriend, Mr.Zaya)
  7. Dixie the Gothorita (Apallo)
  1. Geno the Lucario (Apallo)

​Characters of the DayEdit

Note: These characters will only appear once an episode and cannot appear for a while

Couples Edit


first Chosen second number normal

  1. BlurayOriginals (6;3)
  2. Bluray's Brother (5;)
  3. Apallo The hedgehog (1;)
  4. Mr.Zaya (6;)
  5. Zombiekiller85 (3)




Season 1 May 8,2011 - Edit

Episode 1:I Wanna Be King Of The Pokémon!-

Episode 2:Taking On Groudon!-

Episode 3:Taking On Groudon! PT. 2-

Episode 4:Taking On Groudon! PT. 3-

Episode 5:Enter The Raw Bone Forest!-

Episode 6:Tucker And The Secret Cave!-

Episode 7:Escape The Raw Bone Forest!-

PokéQuest Episode 8:Meet Victini!-

PokéQuest Episode 9: Victini's Pledge!

PokéQuest Episode 10: Victini's Wager!



  1. Only 6 Chosen & Normal Pokémon


Roleplays In Canon With PokéQuestEdit



  • In this world there are no humans and the Pokémon have wildly disfused and so you can find Sinnoh PKMN in Kanto now.
  • Only 3 Legendary Pokémon per user.
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