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Chapter 1: The Two Bandit Mice!Edit

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Mickey's Quest For Power featuring an Allstar Cast!From Sonic To Dragon Ball to even Straw Berry Short Cake and Care Bears the Adventures will be long vigrous Tragic and fun.This is only the begining...

Sept 30, 2010

12:36 AM Mickey:So this is the Castle of Vader lulz.

MInnie:Its so illy guarded we'll clean this place out!



Mickey:*Holding riches in hand*YOU'LL NEVER GET ANYTHING FROM US!

Storm Troopers:*Get out Lazer guns*

Mickey:*Drops Money*Heh Heh.

Minnie: :( .


Mickey & Minnie:*Tied to a metal pole by thier hands*

Minnie:*Exhales*I told you that we should have continued with the lower level Mansions!

Mickey:Whatever!Lets just get out of here!

Minnie:Ok...But how?


Chapter 2: The Great Escape!Edit


Mickey:I GOT IT!Hey Storm Pooper!

Storm Trooper:Hey it's--

Mickey:Whatever I don't care kill me!

Storm Trooper:Lord Vader will kill you when he is read-

Mickey:Scared of your master CHICKEN BWWWAK BWWWAK!

Minnie:YOU TWO!

Strom Trooper 2:Me? *Shoots*

Storm Trooper:*Shoots*

Mickey & Minnie:*Swings to the other side around making the lazer burn there ropes and setting them free*

Mickey:OH YEAH *Beats Up Trooper 1*

Minnie:HIIIIIIYA! *Beats Up Trooper 2*

The Alarm Went Off

Mickey:*Runnign To Escape*We need to be Kung Fu Masters if we want to break into this palce and suceed!!

Minnie:*Running With*Oh Great the place is gonna go...


Darth Vader:*Suit is Destroyed in Explosion Turns into Anakin and Blasts Off Like Team Rocket*

Mickey And Minnie:*Fall Into A Lake Uncouncious*

????1:Did you hear that my Young Pupils? Two Splashs into the lake.

??????:They could be are complete team!

????2:Hopefully, They aren't weaklings!

?????:Your so negative! Lighten up dude!

???:He's right. Be More positive and you'll be suprised how happy life will be.


????1:Ok then...Tyson Terror go get them please...

Tyson(?????):*Smiles Cockily* Yes sir! *Dives In*

Terror(??????):No Prob! *Dives in*

Will this mysterious team save Mickey and Minnie on time!?! Find out on the Next Mickey's Quest For Power!

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