UnNamed Megaman Series


Main StoryEdit

Join a new form of Misadventures with Mega and his friends going against Wily's next Ultimate Robot Ultiman!This extremely dangerrous new robot has the power to exorb other robots and has a burning ambition to crush Mega in his tracks.Can he and his new friend stop him! Read on!


  1. Jazz
  2. Nuke Man
  3. Ice Man
  4. Iceman?
  5. Albert Wily
  6. Mega Man?
  7. Scribble Man
  8. Thomas Light
  9. Art Woman
  10. Dr.Corsak
  11. Heat Man
  12. Bass
  13. Roll
  14. Mega Man
  15. Ulti Man
  16. Top Man
  17. Gemini Man
  18. Snake Man
  19. UnKnown Demon
  20. Samantha

Couples Edit


  1. BlurayOriginals


Episodes Edit


Only add themes if your character was in the series did something and only add to your character.After Each Season each new character can get a new theme.

Main Theme(Season 1) Edit

Mega Man 2-Dr.Wily's Castle

thumb|300px|left|The Main Theme Of Season 1

End Theme(Season 1)Edit

Roleplays In Canon With This SeriesEdit



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