Tupac - Me Against The World

Tupac - Me Against The World

Me against the world- Tupac


It's Just me against the world

(Oooh, oooh)

(Nothing to lose)

Me against the world baby

(Oooh, oooh)

Nothing to lose, me against the world

(Ohh hooo, ohhh)

(Stuck in the game)

Me Against the world baby


Can you picture my prophecy

Stressin' the City

The Cops are hot for me

The Projects is full of bulllets, the bodies is droppin'

There aint no stoppin' me

Costantly Movin' while makin' millions

Witnessing killers leavin' dead bodies in abandoned buildings

Carries to children 'cause they illin'

addicted to killin' me appeal from the cap pealin'

Well the question is

Will they last or be blasted

Hard-headed bastard

Maybe he'll listen in this Casket

The aftermath

More Bodies Bein' burried

I'm losing my homies in a hurry

they relocatin' to the cymertary

Got me worried

Stressin' my buisness blurried

The question is will I live

Nobody Loves me

I'm headed for Danga'

Dun trust strangers

Put one in the chamber whenever I'm feelin' this anger

Don't wanna make excuses

Cause this is how it is

What's the use unless we're shootin'

No one notices the youth

It's just me against the world baby


Me Against the world

It's just me against the world


It's just me against the world

Me Against the world

'Cuz it's just me against the world baby


Me against the world

(Oooh, yeah)

I got nothin' to lose

Me against the world

I've got nothin' to lose

Verse 2

Can somebody help me

I'm out here by myself

Ladies in snohes prones (<---Misheard)

Livin' Wealthy

Pictures of my birth on the surface

Seein' Daddy's Semen

Full of crazy demons

Already Crazy and Screaming

I guess those nightmares as a child

Had me scared

But that means be prepared

There's another route

Four Crooked Outlaws

Better than a Villian or Young Thug

Everyday there's mo' death

and plus I'm dough-less

I'm seein mo' reasons for me to proceed with thievin

Scheme on the scheming and leave they peeps grieving

Cause ain't no bucks to stack up, my nuts is backed up

I'm bout to act up, go load the Mac up, now watch me klacka Tried makin fat cuts, but yo it ain't workin

And Evil's lurking, I can see him smirking when I gets to pervin, so what?

Go put some work in, and make my mail, makin sales Risking 25 with a 'L', but oh well TO BE CONTINUED.

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