This is the story aof a love 150 years apart..... Karina and Marxx.



Marxx The Hedgehog

Marin the Hedgehog

Flower "Karina" Prower


Adrenaline The Angellic Molehog

Elijah Issac Prower


Nega Sonic


Zoda-NEga Sonic


Episode 1 Cold Sleepin for 150 YearsEdit

MY name is Marxx. Im a EX Gear Rider..... And this is

KARINA! HI there!!

Marxx: Were married in this time but we are from different eras let's start in the year 2224

Karina: Yep.

About 150 years ago, Marxx the Hedgehog, greatest Extreme Gear racer and a cop, unti......Zoda, the master crimal, broke out of jail on the day Marxx was going to propose to Jade the Bat. Zoda killed her. Right infront of Marxx. they both were put in Cold Sleep for 150 years..... now the Legend Begins

Cyber CityEdit

Tails: Cream, Give me the warmner

Cream: *gives Tails the warmner*

Tails: Ok Mr Marxx You are now De frozen

Karina watches throw the corner in her Pjs

Karina: Soo, why did we bring this guy in?

Tails: Go back to your room.

Grandma Vanilla: Come one deary

Karina: Fiinne. *goes to her room*

Tails: Ok you can stay

Karina: I can! Whoo!! *runs back to them*

Marxx: *sits up and accidently kisses Karina*

Karina: *shoves him away from her*

Marxx: Woops ugh.... what time is it?

(u can be tails)


Tails: Its about 8:54 PM

Marxx: Oh man i dont get to the Clylcone Until....... Woah?! Your Tails? But You Look Old!?

Tails: Because you've been frozen for a very long time, and I mean a VERY long time.

Marxx: And Is that lil Karina? and Cream you Look Old and Miss Vanilla your a braininside a Jar!

Cream: How rude!

Grandma Vanilla: Why I never.

Marxx: and My Jade.... Did you save her?

Karina: Who?!

(Jade was saved by Tails but she is dead

Tails: I tried but unfortunaltly, she's..dead.

Marxx: *cries* Jade

Cream: *feels bad about Marxx's lost*

Marxx: Well at least i have you Karina

Karina: Sure.

Marxx: Jade sait that you like me is that true? Were 18 now and you were frozen too i saw it

Karina: Wha?

Tails: Yes. Darling, you are 18 years old but you retained your child body. You almost died in a fire and Marxx saw you and saved you.

Karina: Oh, wow.

Adrenaline:*floating around* Wait... how did I get here?

(no doing that zaya he has to be a Gear Cop)

Marxx: Hey Karina wanna walk with me?

Karin: Sure.


Marxx: Karina this is nice

Karina: *shrugs*

(What? Thanks for nothing, because that's really unfair that he needs to have certian Gear. And stupid.)

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