Mamodo Battles is a Zatch Bell! based story by BlurayOriginals.It is the open to all counter part to Mamodo Fury.


Main Story Edit


(any characeters aloud Sonic,Rayman, But Only 12 characters per season [6 Heroes Six VillainsFinal Count*)

  1. Kacheek Dell & Tyson Granger (Bluray)
  2. Dedalixs and Maribell (Bluray)
  3. Rayman & Dib (Yeah Thats Right From Invader Zim lul) (Bluray)
  4. Bluray The Fox & Eric Allens (Bluray)
  5. Mynci Gateway & Hilary Tatibana (Bluray)
  6. Zatch Bell & Kiyo Takamine (Bluray)
  7. Zeno Bell & Dufort (Bluray)
  8. Minda and Link (Apallo)
  9. Wizin & Godfrey Ians (Bluray)
  10. Seed the Mutant & Sugino (Frozen Scorpio)
  11. Silver and Autum (Apallo)
  12. Flora and Cosmo The (Aapllo)
  13. Aroura and Apallo (apallo)
  14. Jared/Freeze Enigma & Reycom (Frozen Scorpio)
  15. Nightmare Enigma & Goren of the Stone (Frozen Scorpio) Will not appear often...
  16. Rust & Ibaris (Frozen Scorpio)
  17. Yami & Clear note (Frozen Scorpio)
  18. Isaiah the Irish Wolfhound & Bruce the Lion (Mr.Zaya)
  19. Daichi the Tanuki & Donovan the Cougar (Mr.Zaya)

Couples Edit


  1. BlurayOriginals
  2. Apallo The Hedgehog
  3. Frozen Scorpio


The Human WorldEdit

New York

The Mamodo WorldEdit

Episodes Edit

(If you would like to add any episode Ideas just speak up.)

Episode 1: The Fierce Battle To Be King!


Roleplays In Canon With Mamodo BattlesEdit




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