Ghor the Drunken Hedgehog better classfied as the neighbor hood drunk by many, is an idiotic hedgehog always under the influence.


Ghor's parents were also drunks telling him through his child years to always drink as it will make everything better. He was dared at age 12 to drink 14 beers at the same time. He did and his face became a downwords arrow. The trolls had put the Troll virus in the beer turning him into a recolored monster. He didn't care, as they were all out of Guiness.


  • IMMABITCH the Beautiful Hedgehog
  • IMMABASTARD the Hunky Hedgehog
  • IMMASLUT & IMMASLAG the Sexy & Superb Hedgehogs (respectivly)
  • IMMAPRICK The Awesome and Stupid Hedgehog


  • Sylux the Hedgehog (his helmet stole mah faic)


  • The neighborhood drunk

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Sylux the Hedgehog (brohedz 4 life <3)

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