Template:Construction"I Can Do Anything My Brother Can Do!"


Eva Maxine Hedgegoose


May 15,2011 Physicly:12 Chronologicly:0




Hedgehog/Mongoose Hybrid (Clone)


Everything Her Brother Likes


Same As Brother

Favorite Food


Ability Type

Speed, Chaos


Evo The Hedgegoose (Older Brother) Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100) (Uncle) Sonic the Hedgehog ("Father") Mina Mongoose ("Mother") Sam The WolfGoose (Future Niece)

Love Interests

None so far...

Eva the Hedgegoose is a Young Spunky Hedgegoose, Who Wants To Catch up to her brother in everything. She Loves To Annoy People, And Will Do Anything To Save Her Brother.


Green T-Shirt

Blue Cargo Shorts

Brown Gloves

Brown Boots


Eva is a strong willed person who is willing to do almost whatever it takes to meet up with her brother in power.She looks up to great people and inspires to be like them.

Appears In Edit

Chaos Quest Episode 3:Knuckles' Revenge!Edit

In her first appearence ever Eva's existense was really a mistake when Evo died in a battle with Zenaroid(didn't lose self destructed).Tails and the others than try to create a new body but Tails messes up and creates a young little sister for Evo named Eva.She then trains and Plasma makes up the spliting up plan.She loses Evo because he ran off quick and she spends 4 days looking for him until they met up at Katana Camp(or trained to fight Nazo in the alternate time line.)

Roleplay:Katana CampEdit

In Eva's appearence in Katana Camp (After Chaos Quest Episode 3 in an Alternate Time Line to Nazo Returns.) She meets up with a whole bunch of peopler she becomes friends with.

Roleplay:Nazo ReturnsEdit

In Nazo returns she is one of the heroes tryng to stop Nazo. She Fuzes With Her Brother To Create Evao, A Powerful Being That Is Hard To Destroy.

Roleplay:Tron Movie (Theater)Edit

Before the TSA event they go to the theartre.

Roleplay:(Free join) Total Sonic Action (EpicPIE)Edit

In the alternate timeline after Nazo Returns Eva Evo & Necko join a Tv show.


Evo The Hedgegoose(Brother)Edit

Eva's relation ship with her brother is shown to be a strong one.She is shown to look up to him and he is shown to love her even if he really wasn't planning on having a sister.He also trains her and shows her right from wrong when she doesn't know.He protects her and she protects him.

Ferham Spades(Alliy/Enemy)Edit

To begin in Nazo Returns Eva really doesn't like Ferham.Eva thinks she is weak cowardly and not to very bright.

Axel The Hedgehog(Friend)Edit

In general even though Axel makes fun of her on a regular basis (Mainly in The Katana Camp Timeline)They still respect each other due to strength and intellagence.

Myesha the Echidna(Friend)Edit

Eva really likes to be aroung Myesha like she likes to be around Evo.She is nice friendly and looks out for her as shown in Katana Camp Evening 4 that Myesha warned her of Floyd powerful attack.

Isaiah The Red WolfEdit

In Isaiah and Shred's Adventures, Eva (most likely) holds a strong hate on Isaiah for "raping" her in her sleep.

Trivia Edit


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