Story Edit

One Day, Ace and Emerald and thier friends were playing in the neighborhood when suddenly a Chaos Chao comes up to them aksing for help. When they agree the Chaos Chao wisk them away to a island city caled Chaotopia!

The CrystalsEdit

The crystals are made for engines all over the Island and it's cities.

Chao Edit


  • Dixie The Chao


  • Daxie the Chao


Islands & AttractionsEdit

Chao Island- Where our Heroes first appear when Chaos Chao teleports them there. This place has all nature chao and forest chao.Edit


  • Forest Dash
  • Vine Fly
  • Totem Hop
  • Wood Wheel
  • Forest Lake

Hub Island- A Small Island in the middle of Chaotopia. The 5 Gates are Located here. Along with the TreehouseEdit

  • Necro Chao- A chao that can help the duo learn special attacks.
  • Macho Chao- A chao that helps the duo become stronger
  • Maji Chao- A chao that can give chao up grades
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