Chaos Spear
Shadow uses Chaos Spear in Sonic 06.


Shadow The Hedgehog


Sonic Adventure 2


A lightning bolt made of raw Chaos Energy

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Shadow the Hedgehog





Chaos Spear, is one of Shadow The Hedgehog's signature moves and a variant of Chaos Control. It is a lightning arrow-head-shaped bolt that is made of Chaos Energy. The attack appears in Canon And Fanon Series alike.

Origin/Usage Edit

Chaos Spear appeared with Shadow first in Sonic Adventure 2, and is generally used by him. It is shown in nearly every game Shadow is shown in, with few exceptions. The video game Shadow the Hedgehog had Chaos Spear as a move only used by Super Shadow, however other sources have him using it in his base form.

Variations/Forms Edit

As well as the original, there are many modified forms that appear in fanfics. Here are a couple of them.

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Chaos TorrentEdit

First used by Nazo the hedgehog in "Nazo Unleashed", and is his signiture attack. It is stronger than a normal chaos spear and is completely red. The attack gets stronger the longer it is charged. When fully charged, it has enough energy to destroy an entire city. (Requires large anounts of chaos energy and concentration)

Users Edit


Chaos Spear is a very low class Chaos Attack seeing as many can use and create new forms of it. It is currently a D Rank Attack.



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