Bluray The Fox
Biographical information

October 23,1999

Physical description

Fox (Not Mobian Lives In Video Game Continuity)




84 Ibs

Fur colour


Hair colour


Eye colour


Skin colour


Family members
  • Mother
  • Brother
  • Sister
Love interests

Annie The Cat (Former Crush)

Riley The Bat (Same As Terra)

Terra The Cat (She Has A Crush On Him)

Skillwise information



Electric-Psychic Type

  • Blue Illusion
  • Blue Ray
  • Spin Dash
  • Homing Attack
  • Spin Attack
  • Zaker
  • Babar Gravidon
  • Dioga Gravidon
  • Gravidon
  • Chaos Coffin
  • PK Thunder
  • PK Starstorm
  • PK Flash
  • PK Fire
  • Ray Rush
  • Gigano Blue Ray
  • Dioga Blue Ray
  • Zeo Zakeruga
  • Jikerdor
  • Zagerzem
  • Go For The Controller
  • Ultimate Takedown

Control over Psychic Electricity and Gravity

Weapon of choice

Wiimote, DualShock2, & Gamecube Controller *Insert Laughs Here*


Super Bluray (Chaos Emeralds Yet to be seen)



  • Team Chaos Quest
  • Team United

Bluray The Fox is the Fursona of BlurayOriginals.


Bluray is often viewed as goofy to friends but a blockhead at times. He taunts in a jokingly matter which often results into conflicts. Bluray is often lost in thought of what to do next loves to draw race and fight (No I don't really like to fight as much as him XD). In all he can be a good friend if you be nice or a mortal enemy if you do something mean.


As a kid Bluray was sent to a special school, as he had the akward ability to copy moves with his psychic powers and deplucate them. He there met his best friend Yipper who he at first hated, eventually became best friends with and got to learn more about the Zio Hill School

Appearences Edit

Castle in the Sky Edit

Isaiah And Shred's Adventures! Ep 3.-Resurrect a Fallen Friend! In The Search of the Dragon Balls! Edit

Isaiah And Shred: Legend of the Split Gods Edit

Isaiah And Shred's Adventures! Ep.4- Chillin' Edit

Isaiah And Shred's Adventures! Ep.5 Shred And Eva's Adventures now!Edit

Chaos Quest Episode 9:The Return Of The Eighth Emerald! Edit

Rage In Cyberspace! Edit

Chaos Quest Episode 10:Chaos Combat Part 1Edit

Abilities Edit

Base Stats
Stats Level
Stamina 7/10
Attack 8/10
Spcl. Atk 9/10
Defense 3/10
Spcl. Def 0/10
Speed 9/10
Reflexes 8/10
Magic 5/10
Psyche 8/10
Intellect 8/10
Total 65/100
Other Stats
Eyesight OK
Hearing Good
Olfactory Good

Blue IllusionEdit

Creates 10 clones of him self begins to float and spins around until the Ring(On Turning Blue) makes him look Blue Like The Clones where he can get close and attack.

Blue RayEdit

Based His Name Bluray Fires A Blue spinning Ray the Oppenents.

Spin DashEdit

Curls into balls charges up and shoots self at Target.

Homing AttackEdit

Does Spindash Except in Air and Can Follow Easier

Spin AttackEdit

Does Spin Dash except not charaged.


A yellow/blue Lightning shot from the mouth or hand

Babar GravidonEdit

Black lines surrond the oppennent force them to the ground and can even start causing damage from a touch.

Dioga GravidonEdit

4 Giant line s(Green, Red, Blue and Red) form with a Prple Huge Orb inside of them. Deals massive Damage.


More powerful stream version of Zaker.


A Purple Orb drags in Oppenents and explodes on Contact to anything.

Chaos CoffinEdit

A Blue coffin that traps people later impaling them with energy draining Nails.

PK ThunderEdit

A Psychic Thunder Orb Emits From Bluray's Head.

PK StarstormEdit

PK FlashEdit

PK FireEdit

Ray RushEdit

Gigano Blue RayEdit

Dioga Blue RayEdit

Zeo ZakerugaEdit


Zagerzem Edit

Go For The ControllerEdit

Ultimate TakedownEdit


Yipper The Bat (Best Friend)Edit

Bluray met Yipper as a child and they were originally rivals, they eventually teamed up to save thier school from getting taken over.

Erik The Dingo (Enemy)Edit

Lets put this in a simple way.... Erik once turned Bluray to poo. But it had good reasoning. After Bluray began to taunt Gina for trying to Eat him (as a joke) Erik Richard And Isaiah came to help. Erik fought Bluray but right when Erik was about to try and Kill Bluray Gina Eats him and turns him to poo to then have W=Erik use Ginyu switch on bluray and Fly away. Bluray has Dr. Eggman turn him into a Normal Sized Great Mighty Poo with a Erik Gina Clone Fusion "Ginrik. He has Ginrik trade with Erik and as soon as Erik joins Ginrik they defuse and Clone Gina has Bluray's Body, Erik has Clone Erik's body, and Clone Erik is in Bluray's Body as well. CloneErik Suicides and Clone Gina Trades Bodies With Bluray giving him his body back. Clone Gina being in The Poo Body Explodes. And even after getting Erik his body back he still hates Bluray.

Gina The Dingo (Worst Enemy)Edit

Aside from the fact she wants to eat and crap him out, Bluray hates Gina. Her responsable then Insane personality doesn't work for him unlike one of his Friends known as Anna. It gets to the point that eventually he finds that she is very scary yet weak...

Foo The Cougar (Enemy)Edit

Foo The Cougar just being friends with Erik thinks Bluray didn't help him (possibly due to a lie) And already hates Bluray....

Isaiah The Red Wolf (Friends)Edit

Although they an be friends and enemies, Bluray doesn't really like the way he treats almost everything he sees

Stardust The Cat (Friend)Edit

One of his best friends Princess of Starshine Kingdom. When they interact he is usally protecting her from Comet her evil twin brother.

Comet The Cat (Arch Rival)Edit

Often causing mischief for unknown reasons Bluray fins Comet often as a warm up for his true fights. Comet has always been an enemy as he constantly backstabs and betrays him and his friends.


  • Manga
  • Friends
  • Nice People
  • Anime
  • Pizza
  • Music
  • Micheal Jackson
  • Video games


  • Insects
  • Heights
  • Call OfDuty- Overated


  • Bluray can't swim.
  • Bluray hates insects and heights.
  • Many of Bluray's moves are from Zatch Bell, due to his love for the series.
  • Bluray wants to learn as many moves as he can, as he wants to become one of the stronegst people ever.
  • Bluray has asthma.
  • Bluray's type is Electric-Psychic Speed.




"Oh Wow"

"So Comet you've learned your lesson?'"

"...a villain?"


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